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Early Celtic Establishments in Cashel and Emly


The Sites listed as Early Celtic Establishments on the Map of Monastic Ireland (see references) are Tullamaine - Doon - Saint Pecaun's - Emly - Cashel - Derrynaflan - Cluenfinglas - Kilteely - Leighmore - Dairemore - Clonkeen

Liath Mór

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Liath Mór is the site of a monastery founded by Saint Mochmaomhóg about 590. Two churches and a circular enclosure remain. The monastery continued until 1015 when the Annals rcord the death of the last abbot.

Liath Mór's Older Church      The smaller older building is of a typical early Irish style, with steeply-gabled walls enclosing a relatively small chamber. The church's antae (the projection of the side-walls beyond the gable walls) can be seen here. This is a distinctive feature of buildings of this type.
The foundation of a round-tower remains and earth-works indicate the various occupations of the site.Liath Mór Tower
Built in the Irish Romanesque style, the larger, later building was renovated in the thirteenth and fifteenth century
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Liath Mór, Piscina
The piscina was used for the cleansing of the altar vessels after mass. This example from Liath.Mór has a credence shelf above a shallow basin.
More elaborate examples are found in Hore in Holycross Abbeys.


Clonkeen Gable

Clonkeen Doorway, Detail
Clonkeen Church, near Murroe, County Limerick has a well-preserved doorway. The arch is of three orders, with Romanesque carving around undecorated jambs.
Clonkeen Doorway Chevron Detail The voussoirs - the wedge-shaped stones which are the elements of an arch - of Clonkeen Church are covered with deeply-carved chevrons.

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