22nd April


I found a new stream today. Not far from the original Hedgerow, but further north. The area was apparently used for treating flax, and the streams and ponds are old 'Flax dams, or 'Lint holes'. Plenty to see, though.
I was a bit disappointed that I hadn't found any Marsh Marigolds, yet. The new area sorted that for me.


These little (1cm) Whirligig beetles whizz around the surface of the water at great speed. The one on the right got temporarily stuck on a reed, so I managed a half decent shot. Focussing on the surface of water is, of course, another topic altogether.


I think this is a Pond Skater. It was stationary at the edge of the stream, so I couldn't observe its normal water-walking trick.


Here's another (this time, dry) example of the Drinker Moth caterpillar.


I thought those little red-faced flies from April 14th looked like dung flies. They are.

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