20th August


Various locations around town.


Bright and sunny, with a strong N wind.


The Buddleia on the old waste ground continues to be good value. The Large White butterfly has been on the retreat since vegetable plots became scarce, but last week saw the first modern record in our 10k square. Since then, I've seen them on almost every trip.

Two more Hoverflies from higher ground. Myathropa florea on the left. The one on the right appears to be an Eristalis, but is somehow different from the ones I've shown before. Maybe a youngster.


This is an update on the Taphrina amentorum - a fungal gall on the Alder. I first found it on August 2nd.

The Broom Moth caterpillar normally has a black dorsal stripe. This fully grown one is strangely still green.


Lastly for today, a tiny mushroom found on the edge of the high bog. Cap about 15mm across.

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