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Information Technology

St Kevin's B.N.S. has had access to computers and IT for several years now. Unfortunately, we have always been a few steps behind the most modern developments. Thanks largely to the interest of its staff, and some good fortune, we have moved from two BBC Master Compacts in 1989 to a fine IT Room with 7 top of the range Pentium IIs and eight older 386s running Windows 3.1. Now our quest is to acquire a range of software that will enable all classes from Infants to Sixth to have hands-on use of the computers.

To this end the staff trained in computer skills during the summer.
Since October 1998, pupils in all classes have software appropriate to their level on the computers. These vary from simple programs that encourage practise at mouse techniques to full-scale word-processing programs, reference encyclopediae and desk-top publishing.

What our pupils think
Our Links with Australia
St Joseph's School
We wrote e-mail letters to a school in Australia. It was called St. Joseph's Memorial School.
The children there told us that they would have their summer holidays from December to January. We used our scanner to put our photographs on the computer and sent them away. Then we used our computers to learn about Australia. We found the flag, we saw pictures of a baby kangaroo called a joey. We heard a Kookaburra laughing. And we learned that Adelaide is about the size of Dublin. Their website is Thanks Ms Baxter for your help.
Ian Third Class

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