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Kilmacow in the Middle Ages


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The Four Parishes.

Kilmacow in the Middle Ages.

Eighteen Century

Sports and Pastimes

Kilmacow Cricket Team c.1890*

The Flour Mills

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There can be no doubt that the cereal growing and stock raising in the manorialised regions of South kilkenny continued at a high level until the opening decades of the 14th. century, falling off steeply thereafter for reasons below, levelling out around the beginning of the following century at about half to two-thirds of there former level. The climate which was warm and mild from 900 to 1300, began about this period to get wet and cold and it is recorded that it remained so for the next 400 years with a drop of 2 degrees in temperature.

Black Death.

Before the economy had an opportunity to fully recover, disaster struck again in the form of the great epidemin of bubonic plague known as the 'Black Death' accompanied by other diseases which spread from Asia to Western Europe in 1348 - 1350. The plague first appeared in the Port of Waterford in the Autumn of 1348 and was transferred by fleas (carried by the black rat). As the risk of infection was increased by social contact, townspeople in nearby Waterford and the newly built Norman settlements suffered more severly than the rural Gaelic communities in this area.

Kathleen Laffan.

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