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Sports and Pastimes

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The Four Parishes.

Kilmacow in the Middle Ages.

Eighteen Century

Sports and Pastimes

Kilmacow Cricket Team c.1890*

The Flour Mills

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"All night" dances meant that dancing went on from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. next morning. Apparently the local clergy had objected to these dances ending at 4 a.m. oe 5 a.m., so it was decided to continue until daylight. A supper was usually served at these occasions. The night following another dance was held and this was called a 'Scrap dance' because the scraps and leftovers from the previous night were then eaten. This was a short dance and would end at mid-night.


The most popular of all were the Platforms or Middlepieces which were sited at the following locations-
Ballinerala (at the Railway Bridge), Dunkitt (on the Commons), Charlestown Cross, at Rossinan Cross and at the corner known as The Hangman's Corner in Dangan. There was also a Middlepiece at Ban na mBad at the Pill which wa stopped by Fr. Carroll.

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