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The Flour Mills.

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The Flour Mills

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The early Flour and Corn Mills were built close to the rivers with short canals, called Head races conveying the water top the waterwheels and another canal, called a Tailrace, conveying the water back to the river. The waterwheels provided the power needed to needed to turn the millstones in the mills. there was four different Waterwheels in use in this country , namely

[ 1 ] Undershot, e.g. Goouch's The Pill, etc.

[ 2 ] Breastshot, e.g. Cooks, Scroder's, Cronins

[ 3 ] Pitchback.

[ 4 ] Overshot

Only the undershot and breastshot type waterwheels were used in this area. These Waterwheels ranged in diameter from 14ft. in Greenvale Linen Mill to 18ft. in Goouch's Mill.

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