7 Apr 1807 - 25 Jan 1891

Father: Eli B. BEARDSLEY
Mother: Rhoda FRENCH

Family 1 : Frances HOWARD
Family 2 : Sally Wayland LEWIS

                       _Issac BEARDSLEY ____+
                      | (1734 - 1820)       
 _Eli B. BEARDSLEY ___|
| (1764 - 1855)       |
|                     |_Mehitable MALLETTE _+
|                       (1737 - 1820)       
|--Stiles BEARDSLEY 
|  (1807 - 1891)
|                      _Othniel FRENCH _____
|                     |                     
|_Rhoda FRENCH _______|
  (1766 - 1849)       |


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Anna Catharina HELLMÜLLER

____ - ____

Family 1 : Peter BURCKHALTER
  2.  Anna Catharina BURCKHALTER
  3.  Martin BURCKHALTER
  5.  Daughter BURCKHALTER
  6.  Anna Barbara BURCKHALTER


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ABT 1869 - ____

Father: Chauncey KELLOGG
Mother: Elizabeth J. MCCUTCHEON

 _Chauncey KELLOGG ________|
| (1831 - 1904) m 1853     |
|                          |_____________________
|--Jesse KELLOGG 
|  (1869 - ....)
|                           _PETER MCCUTCHEON ___+
|                          | (1767 - 1847) m 1830
|_Elizabeth J. MCCUTCHEON _|
  (1832 - 1888) m 1853     |
                           |_SARAH BROAS ________+
                             (1799 - 1872) m 1830


[1563] Possibly named after his great-grandfather, Jesse Broas, if his motherwas nee Elizabeth McCutcheon.

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c1901 - ____

Father: Edward David LAFFERTY
Mother: Minnie SHERRER

 _Edward David LAFFERTY _|
| (1871 - ....) m 1892   |
|                        |__
|--Lenor? LAFFERTY 
|                         __
|                        |  
|_Minnie SHERRER ________|
  (1871 - ....) m 1892   |


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1758 - 1813



| (1716 - ....)       |
|                     |__
|  (1758 - 1813)
|                      __
|                     |  


[1045] From a copy of the original records of Altalaha Lutheran ChurchBaptisms, 1757 to 1852 is recorded the following on page 5:
John William Troester
Parents--Martin Troester and wife
Born --February 21, 1758 Baptized--same day Sponsors--William Steinand
Margaret Gebhard
(It would appear William may have been a weakling at birth to bebaptized on the day of his birth or perhaps the Circuit Preacherhappened to be in the neighborhood at that time).

William Treaster died in Kentucky, I presume, in 1813 not 1814.Records in the Clerks Office of Bourbon County, Kentucky, shows thathis estate was entered into Court for settlement in September 1813.His personal property was sold at auction and the estate was dividedamong his widow and nine legatees. Tax records show him beingassessed for land cattle and horses from 1796 to 1812. We were unableto find any record as to what happened to his land. Many of the landholders in Kentucky at that time lost their land due too bad deeds. Isupppose this could have happened to William, also. The originalpatent to the land William bought was to Daniel Morgan Boone, who wasmore than likely the son of the trail-blazer, Daniel Boone, Sr. DanielBoone's son lost his titles and moved on to Illinois as did the familyof Abraham Lincoln. Daniel
Boone, the trail-blazer, was born near Reading in 1734, and remainedin that area until about sixteen years of age when his father movedthat branch of the Boone family to North Carolina, Some other membersof the Boone Family remained in Pennsylvania and were in BuffaloTownship the same period as the Treasters, so all these frontiersmenwere probably well acquainted. Abraham Lincoln's family also startedtheir migrations from Pennsylvania, to Kentucky, Indiana and then oninto Illinois. In Kentucky, William Treaster was a farmer andmillwright and from his personal estate seemed to have Prospered.

He is mentioned in Northumberland County, PA as a signer of a petitionrequesting an election be set aside. This was in 1776. He served asa "Ranger of the Frontier" in John Beatty's Company fromNorthumberland County, and with his brother Jacob in Michael Metz'sCompany of the local militia. It is probable he made his home inBuffalo Township during his entire residency in Northumberland County.He was taxed in this township from 1781 to 1790. The last definiterecord we have of him in Pennsylvania is in the census of 1790 inwhich he is recorded as head of a household made up of two males under16 years of age, and one daughter, and his wife, whose maiden name wasMaria Elizabeth Hessler. In Row's Church records we find that toWilliam and his wife was born a daughter, Maria Catherine, on December12, 1785, baptized May 27, 1786. Sponsors were John Gilman and wifeGloria. From evidence presented elsewhere in this report, it appearsthe two male children mentioned in the census were Michael, born about1784, and John David, born about 1790.

In the decade following 1790 as the Treasters multiplied and the thirdAmerican generation came to maturity, dispersion of the family began.William, son of Martin, Sr., was apparently the first member of thefamily to move westward out of Pennsylvania. Early in the 1790's hemigrated with his wife and children to Kentucky. He may have residedbriefly in the area which is now Blair County, Pa., as there is arecord of a William Treaster in that area in 1794. Also recorded asresiding in the area now Blair County, Pa. in 1794 was MichaelHessler. Michael Hessler's name appears in the 1790 census in PennsTownship, Northumberland County, Pa., and is listed in sequence to thename of William Treaster which suggests they were neighbors whileresiding in the Penns Creek area. Michael Hessler's presence in BlairCounty in 1794 indicated the possibility William Treaster residedthere also, when considered with the other evidence. Michael wasprobably the brother of William's wife Maria Elizabeth Hessler.

William and Elizabeth Treaster were the parents of ten known children,six of them minors at the time of their father's death. From taxationrecords in Bourbon County, Kentucky, I tend to believe the order ofbirth may have been as follows:

1. William Treaster , B. circa 1783 D. 1817 Dearborn County,Indiana
2. Maria Catherine B. 15 Dec. 1785. We have nothing on thischild except her baptismal
record at Reu's Church. Only 9 legatees insettlement of Father's Estate, so probably notliving in 1813.
3. Michael B. circa 1787 D. 1854 Dearborn County, Indiana
4. Elizabeth B. circa 1790 Elizabeth married IsaiahHayes and
remained in Dearborn County until after her Mother's death in 1838.
They divested themselves of their Dearborn County property in 1838
and we lose them. A Hayes History states Isaiah Hayes died in
Dearborn County and was interred in Zion Cemetery there. Since
there was no early Zion Cemetery he probably rests in Trester
Cemetery. The Church which Joseph Trester donated the ground for
after his Mother's death, was early called Zion Church, so possibly
the mix-up.

Note: Maria Catherine may have died before the 1790 Census and the twomales and 2 females in the Censis would be the two males born inPennsylvania (Wm. And Mike) and the 2 females Elizabeth and hermother.

5.John B. 1796 D. 1842 Memphis, Tennessee.
(John lost his life in an altercation over paying a docking tax nearMemphis. He moved with his family to Marion County, Indiana, in1830, and was flat-boating his wares to New Orleans. He was shot by anofficier on his own flat-boat and died of the wounds. This wasrecorded in a History of Memphis. Very interesting!

6.David B. 1798 D. 1884 Marion County, Indiana. David migrated to
Marion with his brother John in 1830 and reared his family there

7. George B. Circa 1800 We lose George after 1826/27.
He was on land transactions with his brothers and sister. through
1823 and was still in Dearborn County in 1827. Dearborn County,
Indiana Court House burned in 1826 and most of the records were
lost. Many were reconstructed but nothing on George.

8. Joseph B. 1804 D. 1879 Dearborn County, Indiana.
This is my great-grandfather. He bought up all interest in the old
homestead on Trester Hill and that property remained in his family
for about a hundred years.

9. Martin B. 1806 D. 1892. He built his home on a portion of
Trester Hill and he, too, remained in Dearborn County.

10. Samuel B. 1809 D. 1894 Dearborn County Indiana.
Remained and reared his family in Dearborn County.

In the early histories no cause was given for William's early death.It is interesting to note that Michael Hesler, brother to ElizabethHesler Troaster, died about the same time as her husband, William.They may have been in the skirmishes of the War of 1812.

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Henry Raymond VEDDER

____ - ____

Family 1 : Ella L. BEACH
  1. +Abigail S. (Abby) VEDDER


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