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1st Class Easter Chick

How We Made Our Easter Chick

You need: lots of sheets of paper, eggs, glue.

Now with the paper cut out the hands.  After you have the hands cut out, draw a chick.  Now get the glue and stick the hands to the chick.  Then draw eyes and that's your chick!

By Ronan Sweeney (1st Class)


Easter is about when Jesus rose from the dead.  The Easter bunny comes and hides eggs.  The eggs have lots of patterns.  They have stripes and zig-zags.  Our chick in the picture is made by lots of hands.  We traced our hand and then coloured them yellow.  Then we decorated the Easter eggs at the bottom

By Brian Gordon (1st Class)

1st Class Easter Chick
4th Class Art & Craft
Easter Egg Cups

4th Class Egg Cups

Teacher gave us a piece of clay that looked like chocolate.  I made a wall, then I made a Humpty Dumpty man.  On Wednesday I painted it black and white.  With the left over clay I made an ashtray and I painted it blue.

By Ian Stokes (4th Class)

My favourite subject is Art.  This week we worked with clay.  I made a clay pot to hold my chocolate egg at Easter.

By John Hickey (4th Class)


One Friday afternoon, teacher came in with a heavy bag of modelling clay.  She gave us a piece each.  It was brown clay, not the usual type we use.  We thought it looked weird.  Then teacher told us what we were making.  She said we were making Humpty Dumpty egg cups for Easter.  We thought it sounded cool.  Then she showed us a Humpty Dumpty egg from last year.  It looked lovely.  Then we started to make it.  First we made the wall.  It was hard to make.  We used special tools for the clay.  It took me ages just to do the wall.  The we had to make the cup the egg was going to go in.  It took a while as well.  We had to stick it immediately or it wouldn't stick right.  After that we had to make a head shaped like an egg and we had to make sure it fitted.  Then we left it to dry for a day or two and then we painted it all different colours.  We painted buttons on the egg cup to make the body for the egg and then we painted in between the lines on the wall.  It was lovely.  The I painted a face on the egg to make it look real and then I let it dry and it was all done.

By Emma Valentine (4th Class)

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty had big Teeth!Humpty Dumpty had a great suit

4th Class Wagons

My Opinion About the Wagons

First we made the base from lollipop sticks.  Then we made the roof and the back with beer mats.  The next week we stuck the wagon together.  We painted the wagon and got two matchsticks and wheels and we put them on.  Then I painted my wagon.  I painted the roof light blue, red, pink, light green, orange and it was nice.  The base was light blue and I have to varnish it.  It was fun.

By Mickey Mears (4th Class)

4th class wagons

How we made our wagons

We made our wagons with lollipop sticks, beer mats, a slip of paper, 2 round pieces of cardboard, 2 match sticks, glue, paint and varnish.  First with the lollipop sticks we made the base.  Then we got the slip of paper and stuck the lollipop sticks on it.  After that we stuck paper to the beer mats and then we painted it.  I did lots of bright colours and painted flowers around the door.  When the paint dried we stuck the base, beer mats and the top together.  Then we got the 2 match sticks and the two round pieces of cardboard and fitted it in the spaces of the base.  After we had done that we varnished it .  After all that it was finished. It took us four Friday afternoons, but they were all well worth doing.

By Eva Gregg (4th Class)

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