After the death of Saint Charles in 1893 devotion to him began to grow. People turned to him in their troubles and sought his intercession. They wrote to Mount Argus describing graces received through his intercession. Below are four accounts from these letters.

Mr. Monti .... Patrick McCormack .... James Wallace .... Christina McCurdy

Mr. Monti
Around 1900 a Mrs. Monti and her Protestant husband went to visit the grave of Blessed Charles. Her husband had a poisoned hand and the doctors wanted to amputate. They saw people taking clay from the grave and were advised to do the same and apply it to the hand while praying for Blessed Charles' aid. They did as told and the hand began to heal. Later Mr. Monti became a Catholic.

Patrick McCormack
In 1977 Patrick McCormack, a soldier in the Irish Army, suffered severs brain haemorrhage after football training. His wife was told to expect the worst. A nurse asked Fr. Herman to bless Patrick with the relic of Blessed Charles and Fr. Herman left the relic under his pillow. Almost immediately Patrick began to respond and made a complete recovery and returned to his army career. Patrick kept the relic and treasured it.

James Wallace
In 1978 James Wallace was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which left him in a coma with brain damage. Doctors had little hope for him. A neighbour brought a relic of Blessed Charles and they prayed through for his intercession. Fr. Brian D'Arcy was asked to bless James with a relic of Blessed Charles and the family started a novena to Blessed Charles. From that moment James began to recover and within ten weeks was back on his feet.

Christina McCurdy
Christina McCurdy of Massachusetts had extreme pain in her feet and needed the use of crutches. Medical science could do little for her condition. Hearing of Blessed Charles her family did a Novena from 19th to 27th April 1982. On morning of the 28th she was going out to school and turned to her mother said 'I don't think I need these crutches today' and walked unaided to the school bus.

Favours from Saint Charles during his life.

Favour through his intercession after his death.