The Irish Table Tennis Association

The National Coaching & Development Committee are undertaking an extensive survey on the participation of players within the sport of Table Tennis in Ireland. It is hoped with the results of this survey that we can better cater for the needs of Irish players, coaches & administrators. We are entering a new century and it is important to understand identify the needs of the membership & to retain players that do not feel that the sport is suited to their demands. We hope that you will fill out the questionnaire below and return it to our committee for analysis. If you have any further comments please feel free to contact us.

Please take the time to enter your details. If you make a mistake or want to change an address please mail me
At what age did you start playing?
Have you represented your club/province/country?
Have you or would you consider taking a proficiency test?
Do you receive any coaching?
Would you like to receive coaching?
Do you or did you play at school?
What do you most enjoy about the sport?
Do you find table tennis expensive?
Do you travel to any tournaments?
Do any of your family play as well?
What is your greatest ambition within Table Tennis?
Do you participate in any social activities within Table Tennis?
What kind of other activities would you enjoy?
Would you like to buy an Irish Table Tennis badge or T-Shirt?
If you are at school do you think you will play Table Tennis when you leave?
What first attracted you to table tennis?
Do you think there are too many or too few tournaments in the year?
Would you like to attend a Summer Camp for Table Tennis?
Club or School
Age Group:

Thank You, Please Your Survey