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In the over two decades of 2000AD, There has abundance of self-contained one-off stories, lasting from 1 page to 6 pages. This have seen the first comic writings of people like Alan Moore, John Smith & Pete Milligan. The same is true for a myriad of artists... The stories have gone under the following banners....
Future Shocks, The original 2000AD one-off Science Fiction stories
Tales from Beyond Science, Weird stories all with art by Rian Hughes
Tharg's Dragon Tales, About dragons.
Vector 13, Mostly Conspiracy theories with the 'men in grey'
Time twisters, Messes about with your head, as well with time.
Various one-offs such as Hap Hazzard
Tharg's Terror tales, Short lived batch of horror stories
Pulp Sci-fi, Current one-offs, based in future space.

Tharg's future shocks
Some one-off examples....
The English/Phlondrutian Phrase Book by Alan Moore and Brendan McCarthy from prog 214 -|- A Peace of paper by Win Wiacek & Tim Perkins -|- Spare Parts - prog 1267 by Si Spurrier & Richard Elson -|- Mutated Slime - prog 720 by Simon Jacob -|- Pulp Sci => prog 1128 by Dave Stone, Ben Willsher & Alan Craddock

Stories that began as future shocks...but developed into full series
Indigo Prime page : Click Here Tyranny Rex: Click HereTyranny Rex - Text Story, Character Profile, Pictures and Index.

DR & Quinch web page

Rose O'Rion (by Kek-W and Andy Clarke/Dylan Teague, colours by Chris Blythe)
First appearance (Pulp Sci-fi)
Occupation: Thief
Time Period: Future

Bradley ( by Alan McKenzie and Simon Harrison )
First appeared: Prog 535 (Future Shock)
Occupation: Sprog
location: Another planet
Time Period: Future
Abilities: Mechanical genius
Status: Hyper-active
History A hideous alien year-old, Bradley uses his uncanny mechanical abilities and his love of extremely loud music to bring terror and despair to the adults around him, with special attention being lavished on his own parents. Index:Bedtime Stories: The Little WereMaid(796), The Ice Queen(797), The Nightingale(798), The Great Escape(795), The king's Birthday suit(799);
sprog prince(885-888), Master of Martial Arts(901-903)

Archie & Zenith - Art by Steve Yeowell

Zenith - If we could really develop superhumans, a universe where Hitler and the allies both developed a superhuman serum. Superhuman using their talents to become popstars and politicians. Created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell

This was Tharg's answer to Superhuman question. And Grant Morrison came up with a plausible story based in parallel reality. Entertaining stuff. Book II featuring many more parallel reality, some with superhumans that were straight from old comics. (Such as Archie). Crisis's New statesmen also first published in 1988 dealt with superhuman as a result of genetic engineering rather than drugs.

Zenith - All written by Grant Morrison, Art by Steve Yeowell,
StoryFirst Printed in 2000ADBest of 2000Ad reprintNotes - I don't know of any reprints beside "Best of" monthlies and 'out of print' Titan Graphic novels
Phase I2000AD 535-55099/100#535-546 in 99,
Interludes2000AD 558-559100Whitlock #558, Peyne #589
An Interlude: Shadows & Reflections2000AD Annual 1990 - Art by Jim McCarthy
Phase II2000AD #589-606110
Phase III#626-634, 650-662, 677-671
Phase IV2000AD #792-806Final story and only in colour, Coluorist: Gina Hart
Zzzenith.comProg 2001 (Dec 2000)--

Button Man
The series was orginally created for Toxic which ran from 1990-1992
But was not accepted there, which was Toxic's loss and 2000AD's gain.

Time Flies :- Created by Garth Ennis and Philip Bond
Ennis takes an irrelevant look at the timetravelling exploits by the Time Detection team joined by Bertie ( Below ) and Bros with detours to Hell and Heaven. ( Ennis seems pre-occupied with religion, as most people in the island of Ireland even you do not believe in any faith you can't ignore the effect was it has down the years for good or bad. ) The Simpsons piss-take on hell seems to be copy of Time Flies. Brilliant.
Image by Philip bondThere was a second series created six years later. "Tempus Fugitive", with the same creative ( with John Beeston, Roger Langridge and Simon Jacob taking over as artists half through the series ) team except in colour and cast of characters was greatly reduced at an early stage and the result is wasn't half as good as the original.

Times Flies Series prog. 700-711

Tempus Fugitive, Prog. 1014-1022

Heaven as depicted by Garth Ennis and Philip Bond 1100x1532 JPG

Rogue Trooper title - Long..long running series that has been semi permanent in 2000ad for much of t he time since 1981 ( prog. 228 ) every getting his own annual in 1990 and special in 1992. The series was created by Gerry Finlay Day and wrote most of the strips in the first arc, where Rogue is searching for the taitor general. There have been many artists including Dave Gibbons, Cam Kennedy, Brett Ewins, Steve Dillon, Kevin Walker, Ron Smith, Simon Coleby, Greg Staples, etc, etc.. After the arc story on Nu-Earth ending , new writer Simon Geller has Rogue and its dead Bio-chips buddies on a series of hits away from Nu-earth. John Smith wrote 10 series in 1989 based on the old Rogue ( called Nu-earth Flashback ). Then the original artist creator of Rogue Trooper Dave Gibbons came up with a new version of the story with an unimportant planet earth as a battle field in a war between Mega-Corporations, rogue being called 'Friday', and without his buddies. This version continued for 4 series, written by Micheal Fleisher, it looked to end with Friday floating off into space in Bubble. Before Steve White brought elements of original 'Rogue' like the his bio-chipped buddies Top, Southside and Eightball. Dan Abnett started co-writing the series and re-introduction Venus, Rogue and his re-constructed companions Helm, Gunnar and Bagman was sorted out and Venus became a star in Rogue Troopers. (Plus a interesting sci-fi storyline). then Rogue V Rogue. Then came Mercy Heights with a curiousily familar blue geneticily engineered ex-solider, acting as an ambulance pilot, Tor Cyan. After a few years Cyan visited the graveyard of the the orginal Nu-Earth GI to find out he was cloned from them. A hundred years before Nort-South Nu-Earth war ended, He found another war.

Ok.. so in sequence the writers were Gerry Finlay-Day, Simon Geller, John Smith, Dave Gibbons, Micheal Fleisher, Steve White, Steve White & Dan Abnett. (Tor Cyan)
"Too many writers, wreck the readers heads".

Some different of the many dipictions of Rogue and Friday...
Cam KennedyRon SmithSimon ColebyHenry FlintDylan Teague
from cover of 2000AD's prog 500, art by cam kennedy Friday by Ron Smith prog 700, 57kB 192x268x256, 42KB Rogue Trooper (return to the orginal rogue) by Dylan Teague prog 1305

Friday's Rogue Trooper page & A Rogue Trooper Index

Harlem Heroes - created by Tom Tully and Dave Gibbons in the first issue of 2000ad ( prog. #1-27 , sequel Inferno prog. #36-75 ) about players of futuristic violent sport, aeroball. One of the team members was Judge Giant's father. The series was reinvented in 1990 by Michael Fleisher, Steve Dillon and Kevin Walker ( prog. #671-676,683-699,701-705 ) Last two episodes were drawn by Simon Jacob and Kev Hopgood.
Death Sport.......... progs:- 745-749, Art by Goeff Senior
Grey Ghost Overflight progs:- 776-779, Art by Ron Smith
Cyborg Death Trip.... progs:- 928-939, Art by Kev Hopgood, Siku
New Harlem Heros

Hewilgan's Haircut - ( prog. #700-707 also available as Graphic Novel and reprinted in Classic 2000AD #11 Sept 96 )..brilliantly insane story about Hewilgan shown below leaving a mental institution and finding a world gone insane. Class. by Pete Milligan and Jamie Hewlett

Sooner or Later
Swifty another crazy series written by
Pete Milligan started with 32 colour one-pagers with Brendan McCarthy ( Prog. 468-499 ) on the back of 2000AD. and the follow-up came three years later in 'Swifty's return' with Jamie Hewlett ( prog. 614-617 ). This was the first of the crazy strips from Milligan and Hewlett in 2000AD, Deadline ( with Tank Girl ) and elsewhere.

Tom's 2000AD favourites

All-time series
1. Halo Jones
2. Sláine
3. Firekind
4. Tyranny Rex
5. Time flies

by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson
by Pat Mills and various artists
by John Smith and Paul Marshall
by John Smith
by Garth Ennis and Philip Bond

Also: Shadows [progs 672-681] (by Pete Milligan & Jim Elson), Durham Red (by Gordon Rennie & Mark Harrison), Bad Comapny (by Pete Milligan & Jim McCarthy/Brett Ewins), 13 (by Mike Carey & Andy Clarke), Finn, ABC warriors, Nemesis, Dead Meat.

All-time Judge Dredd series, listing seperately as there is much variety of creators and quality.
1. America
2. Block Mania
by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil
by John Wagner and Mike McMahon, Ron Smith, Steve Dillon, Brian Bolland
3. Emerald Isle
4. pre and post Necropolis stories
5. Pup fiction
by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
by John Wagner
by John Wagner and Cliff Robinson

Also: Many other John Wagner short classics.

All-time fave Judge Dredd Megazine series, (excluding Dredd)
1. Devlin Waugh : Swimming in Blood
2. PSI Anderson: Childhood's End
3. Preacher
4. Shiruma
by John Smith and Sean Phillips
by Alan Grant and Kevin Walker
by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (I know its reprint, but it is brill)
by Robbie Morrison (First 2 series only, with Frank Quitely & Colin McNeil artists, after that the writting lost its edge)
5. Young Death by John Wagner and Peter Doherty

Fave Writers
1. Alan Moore
2. John Smith

3. John Wagner
4. Pat Mills
5. Garth Ennis

Mentions - Hillary Robinson, Pete Milligan, Alan Grant & Robbie Morrison.

Fave Artists
1. Glenn Fabry
2. Simon Bisley
3. Kevin Walker
4. Cliff Robinson
5. Kevin O'Neill

Also: David Roach, Mike McMahon, Colin MacNeil, Richard Dolan, Arthur Ranson, Mark Harrison, Dylan Teague, Steve Dillon and a multitude of others.

My favourite stories
The best stories in my opinion are those highly originally mostly science fiction.
There have a few cases where writers