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Government to give €4  to drug and youth projects
Examiner Mon 03/04/2006

Over €4 Million is being provided in additional funding to drug and youth projects, the government has announced. Some €2.27m is being provided to projects in the Local Drugs Task Force areas in Dublin and Cork under the Emerging Needs Fund. And up to €2 Million is being allocated to drug prevention projects in Waterford and Carlow under the young people's facilities and Services Fund.

Minister of State with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy Noel Ahern will give full details on the funding today. A spokesman for Mr Aherne said the €2.27 million was in addition to the €850,000 already provided under under the Emerging Needs fund.

The spokesman said "The Emerging Needs Fund was devised to provide a flexible and timely response to the evolving needs in regard to drug misuse in Local Drugs Task Force areas." He said the Minister was delighted to allocate this funding to what were very worthwhile projects. He said the announcement showed the continuing emphasis and priority the government placed on tackling the drugs issue. Some 39 individual projects will receive money.

The single biggest funding, €113,437, is to go towards psychological support for children in Ballyfermot, West Dublin. The Traveller Visability Group in Cork is to receive €66,592 to identify and make contact with young travellers who are using drugs and other substances.

The Belong To Youth Project in Dublins North inner city will get €51,738 to combat grug misuse among gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transexuals. The Ruhama Project for prostitutes in Dublins South inner city is to receive an additional €61,442 which will enable it to see an extra 17 females per month. Mr Aherne said €1.3m was being provided to purchase and fit out youth centres in Carlow.  And €553,000 is being allocated to build and fit out a youth and community centre in Waterford.