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Sexual Health Centre Ltd
Registered Number 130615
16 Peters Street


to the Sexual Health Centre.
Supporting Health Choices. *This site is best viewed in internet explorer.*

The Sexual Health Centre aims to:

Promote sexual wellbeing
Train people on sexual health and drugs awareness issues
Train young people to be peer educators
Support people with HIV
Support people with crisis pregnancies
Input into national policy development

Careers At SHC
For more information on vacancies at the SHC click here

Parents Groups

Check out the details for our new Parents Groups here

Sexual Times Launched

Our Peer Educators were recently involved in the launch of The Sexual Times booklet which is now available from our centre. Drop by to pick up your copy.

Cian, Ann, Conor, Cara, Sharon and Ian help launch the Sexual Times Magazine which is available at our centre.

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LGBT Lives Survey
GLEN in collaboration with BeLonG To Youth Project have commissioned researchers from Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin to conduct the first significant study of LGBT mental health and well-being in Ireland. The study is funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention and can be found here.

Online Chat Service. Click here to go to the chat page where you can have your questions on sexual health and drugs answered live by a trained sexual health advisor. The chat service is available from 10-5 Monday to Friday.

Peer Led Chat Service. Our team of trained Peer Educators are available on Wednesday afternoons from 1-5 to answer questions from other young people. Click here to go to the chat page.