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What can counselling do for you?

The aim of talking to a counsellor or psychotherapist is to help you make sense of what is going in your life, as well as reflecting on past experiences and how they impact on the present, the person you are today.

At Catherine Keers counselling & psychotherapy centre, we strive to help you in this process. Contact Catherine on 01 284 3297 or email

Counselling or psychotherapy allows you to achieve greater self-understanding, heightened self-acceptance, improved relationships with others and greater control over your life. It helps you to clarify what you want from life, addressing your own needs, improving relationships with others, taking responsibility and regaining control: learning to live, risk, love, hope and engage more fully with life.

Some of the issues we can help you with are:

  • Self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Emotional crisis & difficulties coping

  • Bereavement, loss, separation & relationship break-down

  • Cultural identity

  • Self-image problems

  • Trust and jealousy

  • Despair, feelings of meaningless and hopelessness

  • Dependency

  • Childhood issues & trauma

  • Post nuptial depression

  • Work-related issues, stress, interpersonal conflict, bullying & personal development

These pages explain the process in more detail, practicalities and what you can expect.