Here are some of our poems.

In first and second class we have been working on Limericks.


There was a man from Cork

Who couldn't use his fork,

While eating his dinner

he got thinner and thinner

So everyone thought he was a dork.


Once a young boy from Belmullet

Got shot in the leg by a bullet

He limped with the pain

When he walked in the rain

As he dragged himself out of the gullet.


Here are some of our jokes:

 What did the salmon say about his girlfriend?

She’s a good catch!!!


Why did the lemon cross the road?

Because he wanted to play squash!!!!!


Why is six afraid of seven?

Because seven eight (ate) nine!!!!


What's worse than biting into an apple and seeing a worm?

Biting into an apple and seeing half a worm!!!!!



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