were formed in mid 2000 by two long term buddies mark ryan & dan walsh. mark & dan met when they were in high school & discovered they both had a passion for music. after some jamming together throughout their teens (mark playing the drums & dan playing guitar), they both went their separate ways: mark to study and begin climbing the career ladder & dan to, well, bum around.

through a hilarious and unfortunate accident (well, ok they bumped into each other in the street), they met again in their early twenties & decided to try to form a band, the result was "smoke" a 4 piece, then 3-piece band which contained the essence of where they were going, but unfortunately never quite made it out of the rehearsal studio.

their second attempt started when they got together again in mid 2000, dan bringing a bunch of songs he had written & mark adding his distintive funky drum beats. the next person to join the group was roland, who answered an ad for a bass player & immediatly impressed with his melodic rolling basslines. soon after came john, his pearl jam influnenced rythm/lead guitar skills added a hard edge to the music & thus the sound of sleepwalkers was born.

dan     mark    roland     john