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The Irish economy has become one of the most improved in Europe over recent years. The unit of currency is the Irish Punt. Compared to other countries, the economy is relatively small and trade dependant.

Agriculture used to be the primary source of income for our economy (products: meat, dairy products, wheat, beets), but now we are highly industrialised and now the emphasis more is on manufacturing and exporting commodities, such as chemicals, industrial machinery and data processing equipment. The name given to our booming economy is the Celtic Tiger.

The Celtic Tiger gives people more spending power, which in turn is good for the economy.

Many overseas companies have set up businesses in Ireland during the 1990s, attracted by our skilled workforce and position in the EU. The most notable change has been the growth of the computer industry in Ireland. We now boast many plants producing components and software for the electronics field worldwide.

The Electrical Supply Board (ESB) supplies Ireland with the majority of its energy, with many powerplants nationwide. Some are located on waterways, such as Ardnacrusha on the River Shannon, which use turbines to produce electricity. Electricity is also produced using oil, gas, peat and coal. Ireland has a good transport network of roads and railways linking our main cities - Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast. Our main airport is Dublin Airport.