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726/10/09 - Hey all, I think you can guess it's been some time since I last updated.... yeah. I could write a book about all the things that have happened in my life since my last update, not exactly a bestseller, but some are bound to like it.

I might as well be honest with you about the lack of updates. For a start, I admit I kinda just left it behind, no deep seated depthy psycological reason. It's funny, make a site about an interest in Sonic video game characters, and you keep coming up with new things you can add. But when you decide to move onto something more "respectful" that truely represents your "scope, interests and depth of thought"... you're completely stuck for anything! I did do a webcomic in the meantime though.

Another reason was slightly more technical, you see this site is hosted on Eircom webspace. You access and update the site by using a web interface, however, you can only access the web page builder if you are on an Eircom internet connection. Yeah, you can guess how long our family stuck with that connection after broadband came around... However just recently, I've had the temporary usage of an Ericom broadband connection so decided to give you all the update.

Another thing I should mention is that I no longer go by the alias Flying Fox, it's now Sofox. Yes, an earth shattering announcement I know, I really should have asked those of weak hearts to sit down beforehand and have the emergency services on standby.

And finally, and this is one I sorta (stupidly) feel guilty about.... doesn't work anymore. At first it just got overloaded by spam, and then it just deactivated after a long period of time of me not bothering to try to work my way through it. So if you sent me an email by that address in the past.... several years.... yeah, chances are I never got it.

For new, and most likely horribly misguided, efforts to contact me, just throw one over to sofoxx(at)gmail[d]com.

Well that's about it. Who knows when my updates will ever grace this site again, or more importantly "if"? I shall leave that answer to that question up to the machinations of fate, its far easier then having to plan or make an effort or anything.

But however this update finds whoever reads this, I wish you all the coolest and best time imaginable and hope things go brilliantly for you no matter what you do.

This is Sofox, signing out!

7/8/02- I say that I will dedicate myself to this site and yet again I leave it for over a month, typical! Anyway, we do have an update this time thanks to some great contributions.Renegade the Hedgehog has once again contributed, not only by sending in some sprites, but also by 2 new hoaxes. Adrian C. Hagerty also contributed whith some nice looking sprites. I apologise to them for taking so long to update my site with them but hey, better late then never right. Like I said, contributions are always welcome to this site so if you want to you can send anything in. As for me updating this site with something made by the person who actually owns this site (that's me in case you're new) I'll get around to it, honest........ I'm just not saying when!

Well, made it through this update, if you have any questions or comments, then good for you, if they concern me or my site in any way, just send them to , my e-mail account is always open!


4/7/02- We've got a new sprite up in the Sprite section from Renegade the Hedgehog, keep them comming! By the way, we're getting pretty close to our 2000th hit.

26/6/02- The previous message was meant to go up on the date shown, I must have messed up. Ah well, everyone makes mistakes right?

20/6/02- Yes, your eyes are not decieving you, new stuff has been added to this site. How can this be? Well, essentially, the Leaving Certificate, the thorn in my site state examination, is over! It seemed like it would never end, but due to the inexorable passage of time, it inevitably did and now I'm fffffrrrrrreeeeee. No studying, no revision and no more school, for ever. After the Summer comes College and the course I want, that is, as long as I did well enough in the Leaving Cert which I will find out in September. Anyway, enough about me, what about the site? Well, if you noticed, I put up a new title picture, something Edweirdo made for me a long time ago for my Fourm signature and I didn't use it for the main web page like I should have. Anything else? Well, not really, but hey, the exams only finished today, I've barely had time to even relax, okay, maybe relax, but not enough time to fully recover from my tiredness. Sleeping might help, I hear it's a good cure for tiredness. Anyway, now that I'm back, I should be able get this site going again. Standbye, there's more to come. No, I mean it this time! Would a Flying Fox ever lie to you?

8/3/02- Seeing any piece of new text here probably suddenly makes you think that there just might be some addition to this site other then what you are reading now. Unfortunately, that's not true, in fact it's worse then that. As I said, the Leaving Certificate is sort of sapping my time at the moment, and recently it's only gotten worse. I've learned through a little "practice" Leaving Cert, called the Mocks, that there's no way I'm going to get what I want without more intensive revision, and a night-before cramming session isn't going to make up for it if I don't get down to work soon. The outlook is optimistic but I need to work. This all means, it is not really possible to update this site before late June, when the Leaving Cert ends. Sorry, but don't worry, the end is in sight.

2/11/01- Okay, something tells me I'm seriously late with this update, namely the date of my last one! I admit it, I have been seriously behind on updates, but I have a good reason. You see, I have entered my last year in school, and that means an extremely large exam at the end of it, in Ireland, it's known as the Leaving Certificate. I am studing 8 subjects for it and the grades I get from my 6 highest scoring subjects determine what courses I can and cannot get in college. I've set my sights pretty high and combining the sudden increase in schoolwork with other commitments mean I've forced myself to give up computer and video games except on the weekends and Fridays. This hasn't given me a lot of time to work on this site, or even browse the internet. As as well as it comming into direct conflict with my computer game playing time, there are even a couple of things I have to get done on the weekends, and it's only recently I've learned how to stop my Art History essay homework taking up what was left of my weekend time.

This all basically means it's going to be a lot tougher to updated this site in the next while. I might be able to do a little here and there but don't hold your breath. Sorry about this, but in order to get good courses in College, I need to put the work into it this year.

See you again.

13/08/01- Well, I'm back eventually, I loved my holidays and now I am here again and ready to present you with...... I'll get back to you later on that one!

15/07/01- I'm going again. I know, I'm back a week, and I'm already going and to top it all off, I havn't made a single update to the site since the "I'm back" update. If you want an explaination, well, in two words and one number: Sonic Adventure 2. The game is just so cool. It actually took me a while to really get into it, but now I am becoming intent on getting every single emblem. I know that this, and me going away, dosn't bode well for my site, but fear not. on Friday after next, I shall be back.....for three days then I'm going to America for two weeks. What can I say? At least I'll be free after that.

9/07/01- I'm back. Actually I was back on Sunday night but it was too late to update the site. As for Saturday, well, that was when I eventually bought Sonic Adventure 2. After three weeks in France, there was virtually no way I could play it but now that I am back in Ireland....

By the way, there's another addition to the PSO SFUNL, keep it comming

16/06/01- Nothing being updated to the site now, just this. Like I said, today, I'm heading off for three weeks to France to improve my French in a camp. It's really my parents who are making me go, I don't know if I'll enjoy it or not but I'll see. The point is, I won't be able to update my site while I'm there, so for the next three weeks, the whole site will go unchanged. There's a minute possibilty I will be able to find a way to update the site from France but I doubt it. At least I got the SA Storyline section finished before I go. So anyway, I guess this is see you later, so I'll make this update and finish by saying: See you back here in three weeks.

15/06/01- Well my friends, I have done it. Done what you ask? Done one of the most biggest, largest, most top quality, most brilliant addition that this site will ever know. Work on it started a long time ago, I worked on and off on it, but recently I decided to forget about everything, plunge in and get it finished. This was because, this Saturday, I'm going off for three weeks to France for a course in French. During that time there will be no updates, and as well as that, Sonic Adventure 2 would be released. I wanted to make a bang with this addition before these two events happened, to keep you happy while I'm gone, and so that you wouldn't be distracted by SA2 when the addition made it's enterance. So what is it you ask? Well if you already looked at the menu, you'd know, but I shall tell you know.I will no longer keep you in suspence, it is:


You see, long ago, I was playing Sonic Advenure and a thought persisted wondering what it would look like if all the events in Sonic Adventure were plotted out in a simple chart. It would be a huge undertaking, but it could be done. Since then, I created this website, and soon my idea took form, and with the same amount of dedication and effort I have put into the massive character profiles, I have finished Sonic Adventure Storyline. The entire storyline of Sonic Adventure plotted out in an easy to read manner. I have eventually finished it and I am exausted, and tired. So, why not take a look? It may take a while to load, so jut be patient.

On the side: *Knuckles Profile corrected *new addition to PSO SFUNL

That's it for now, I might put a quick word up before I head to France, in the meantime, see ya, and enjoy the chart



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