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Yes, 1 day late. I know, but I've been busy.

I have finished reading the archives of the excellent College Roomies from Hell by Maritza Campos, and am now including it on my list of webcomics in the links section. It is some damn surreal shit - mutants with tentacles and lazer vision, werecoyotes, a bride of the devil, and loads more bloody freaky stuff. Its damn good though.

Speaking of demons, todays comic shows that Black and White is truly a creation of the blackest pits of hell where things like heroin and EverCrack emerge. While being an absoloutely amazing game, it sucks up huge portions of your time, to the detriment of career, family, friends, personal hygiene - you know what I mean. Two of my friends have succumbed to this evil force so far. One, however, has escaped - by going to the Grand Canyon for three weeks, the lucky bastard.

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