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Archive - 7/09/2001 - Geoff's Weapons I


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This is not a comic - in case you did'nt notice. I have been away for two days, and unable to do a proper strip for today, when I though I would have. Anywho, heres a schematic of a nice little weapon I've dreamed up recently - It is now part of Geoff's armoury.

"Geoff? Armoury?", you say! All will be explained, but just not right now. Comic strips take a lot of time to draw, you know, and I still have to finish the current story thread about Dave first.

The spear is still pretty cool anyway, and shouldnt be too difficult for someone to make - not that I'm recommending anyone does, or anything(things like that tend to disembowel people, which is illegal in some places).

I've started reading Fans!, a bizarre webcomic about sci-fi club nerds up against the government. I think. Enough of my blathering - go check it out yourself at

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