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Archive - 10/09/2001 - Project l33t


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Back to a proper strip! I am not too happy with this strip myself - I was using a darker pencil lead and it smudged even more than usual - so I had to do quite a bit of cleaning up. There may seem no point to this strip - but don't worry, its just a lead in to Friday's all colour extravaganza! ^_^. It should be good - I've already started and should easily have it done in time, unlike my usual "draw at the last minute" way.

I intend to install a counter sometime this week to see if I actually have a readership. If not, I may have to resort to drastic measures to get some, like a webring or....I shudder at the thought...mass email messaging - no. even I'm not that evil.

hmm.... maybe I could get a forum or something.

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