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Archive - 17/09/2001 - Burgled!


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I'm putting this strip up early today(00:00am GMT) because today(Monday) will be my first day at college - meaning I will probably be to busy to do it later in the evening. In case your wondering - I will be doing first Science in University College Dublin.

On another note. Its back to the darker pencil. I tried to be more careful this time, and it turned out alright. The lighter pencil was just annoying. I couldnt get dark enough shades with it. I'll just have to be more careful in future. It seems to have turned out alright this time though.

I have updated the cast page with a few more details about most characters, and yes, Stavros is now there too, although there isnt much to say about him yet.

It has been a bad week worldwide. The terrorist attacks in New York were a catastrophe in terms of human life. Now it looks like the next generation of the Bush family is going to start another bloody war. All the while the media are either blaming everyone in sight or showing the goriest pictures possible to jack up the ratings, the bastards. A short message for whoever was behind all this. Damn. You. May your spirit never be reborn.

Finally, I have started reading Funny Farm. Its pretty good so far, but I havent got past the first year in the archives.

Today's featured song is Starter, by The Cardigans, from their album Gran Turismo. Mellow and rythmic, with a heavier chorus. In the words of the Jazz Club's host (from the Fast Show) - Nice.

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