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Archive - 22/09/2001 - Banner

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Not a strip today - I've been pretty busy what with college and everything. The strip is about half finished - but I won't be able to finish it tonight - and I'm going to be working away this weekend, so I won't be able to scan it. However, I've been doing some work of other kinds. Firstly - I made the nice little animated banner above. Yay! Use it to link to this site! For great justice! I'm going to try and make a small "button" soon as well.

Second -VaultKeepers now has a shorter URL! You can now go straight to this page by logging onto

I am still reading Funny Farm. Its bloody good, so make sure you check it out.

Today's featured song is Awesome, by Darling Violetta. Odd but good. Sort of uplifting really. It contains an invocation to the four corners, although you would'nt recognize it at first.

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