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Archive - 12/10/2001 - A Touch of Magic


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Doom! Gaelcon is on the way, in which I will be playing Warhammer, and hopefully winning with my Khemrian Undead Army. Go, Legions of Darkness!! MUHAHAHAAHAHAA. Anyway, because I have lots of stuff to do to prepare, I will only be able to release a comic on Fridays. When its over though, it should be back to the usual schedule.

Not much else to say really. Saw Se7en on Wednesday, which was VERY creepy and more than a little disgusting, but cool in its own twisted little way.

Today's featured song is It's Been A While, by Staind, from the album Break the Cycle. This album has just been recently released in Ireland an I have to say I really like it. Its full of really good songs. Bit depressing mind, but overall its bloody good.

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