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Archive - 19/10/2001 - Explanations

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The scan was very dark today, so I had to up the contrast on this strip, which might make it look a bit odd. Otherwise I'm very happy with this strip. No obvious examples of bad proportion, and everything seems to work out!

I had a perfect day on Wednesday. A charmed day, even. Kicked ass in some Quake 3, saw some brilliant episodes of Family Guy in a lecture theatre - "I see that you bully people from a deep rooted pain on the inside. The only remedy - lots of pain on the outside! Hahahaha!. Lots of other great stuff happened as well, but its just too long to list.

Saw The Mummy Returns on Thursday. Best word to describe it was "Impressive". I hadnt seen it before, and the special effects are breathtaking, especially the bit at the end. My one qualm was the CGI Scorpion King, who, although an excellent image that would have fitted in in an all-animation film(like Final Fantasy), looked pretty wooden in a film with real actors. Plus there was only one shot of someone being eaten alive by scarabs. I mean, whats with that!?

Today's featured song is Crush, by Garbage. Excellent beat - hypnotic even. Its a dark and heavy song, full of drumbeats and bass guitar. I have a gothic mix of it too, which is even heavier than the usual one. Not quite to everyones taste - but very much to mine. Excellent(cue Mr. Burns finger steepling)

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