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Archive - 5/11/2001 - Late One Night...


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Due to my chest infection just recently, this strip had to ba a bit rushed, and was still late. Damn my inadequate immune system! So, I say again - Bleehhh.

Halloween strip taking longer to colour than I thought it would. Rats.

On a lighter note, I got some new HB leads for my drawing pencil! WAI!! For great justice! ^_^ They are nice and dark, and will help with my super secret ExploitationNowish manga project planned for upcoming strips. I hope so, anyway.

Hmm. Nothing much else to say really. Soooooooooo, Vote for me on the link below. As Nike says - Just do it.

Today's featured song is Chop Suey by System of a Down, which was recommended to me recently(the band was anyway). Odd. A bit of a mix of good and bad bits, really. Interesting though. Fast guitar, quite a bit of unintelligible shouting. Probably some waving of long hair, too. Moshing even. Heh.

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