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Archive - 26/10/2001 - UT Rivalry

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New story thread!! Remember these guys? They're Phil and Lloyd, from the first few strips. I thought they needed some coverage, so here's a strip showing my amazing lack of skill at drawing Unreal Tournament in a comic. More ultra-competitive madness next Friday!

The normal routine should start up again after Gaelcon, which will be on from tomorrow to Monday If youre going, look for me around the place. I'll probably be wearing a grey t-shirt over a black top, glasses, and a bemused expression. I'll also be the one shouting - I've been told I do that a lot. Anyway, after the Con is over, I might even treat you all to a special Halloween image of all the cast dressed up(or looking normal in some people's case). Thats a MIGHT, mind. It relies on my being bored at some time.

Speaking of bored, I put up a new image in the gallery section. Its my IRC alter-ego WarlordKeeper - and I must admit I'm quite happy with it, considering its only my second attempt at computer colouring. Again, praises go out to the smudge tool.

Hmm... oh yeah! I put a button for the Top 100 Comics list on Planet Cartoonist on the main page(this one). Be sure to click it if you think VaultKeepers deserves a better position than 457. Which brings me onto the topic of stuff I should put on this site to make it nicer for you people who have to put up with my poor art and irregular schedules. A forum will be created once I get round to it. Hopefully soon, anyway.


Today's featured song is F.O.D., by Greenday, from the album Dookie. Nice guitar work at the start, and a nice transition from light to heavy, plus it just sounds good. So go get it, right!


RANT - 2/XI/2001

AAARGH!!! I had an amazing strip prepared for Halloween and then another planned for today, but I'm sick!! I have a chest infection, a head cold, and I hurt everywhere. I'm too numb and doped up on cough stuff to draw or even think properly. Bleehhh.

I have the Halloween strip all done, but I am in the middle of applying colour, and its hard and my hand just won't make the mouse go where I want it. So I have abandoned it for now. Expect to see a much-delayed Samhain strip on Monday. Or maybe later, if this infection persists.

My head hurts too much to listen to music, so there will be no featured song today.

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