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Archive - 16/11/2001 - Freedom by Gauntlet

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New site design! New strip design! Wow! Everything is spanking new and shiny! Cool, Eh?

Anyway. I wanted to seperate VaultKeepers from the main(if neglected) Vault site, and I thought I would alter the design a bit while I was at it, so its all good. Plus, It complements the new strip design I was planning.

As for the strip, I removed the freeform design and changed the format of the strip to four set panels in a 2X2 layout. So now while each comic will not be as detailed, there should hopefully be more of them around. The whole free-form design thing was very annoying and time-consuming. Now I can draw each panel seperately and link them all up at the end, and have less mess and hopefully better quality art in each strip.

Speaking of better art, I seem to have improved in my own eyes suddenly. When I had this strip finished I got that "Hey, this is actually pretty good" vibe off it, which I had never got so strongly before.

Sooooo, why not debate new designs and good vibrations in the VaultKeepers Forum!

Happily, it was my birthday yesterday, so now I, the poor student, am now a not-quite-as-poor student for the short time it will take for me to get into town and blow it all on something cool. Further details of the aforementioned(but as yet undecided) cool thing later.

I'm in a good mood today, so today's featured song is 19-2000, by Gorillaz. Yeah! Dig that funky beat! This song has a great rythm and is putting me in a good mood, so its cool. Plus the video has a cartoon car and a giant killer cow! L33t or what!! Get the cool shoe-shine, people!

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