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Archive - 19/11/2001 - BusyConanWoche

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All my work has caught up on me this week. I have essays to write, exams to study for, and loads of other important stuff to do, and only a limited time in which to do it. However, instead of doing the sensible thing and disembowelling myself honourably, I will instead not be doing any strips this week. This, while maybe not the most intelligent option, allows me to continue in my tortured existence for a while more yet.

Anyway, to keep you all not-pissed off, here is a picture of me in a state of despair.

Today's featured song is Périphérique, by Melaton, an upcoming Irish band. I just got this on a demo CD today, and its pretty good actually. I have to admit though, they are better live. The song is quite mellow, but with a faster chorus which works quite nicely. Good stuff.

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