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Archive - 14/12/2001 - Readied


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Hey, look! Its an old school strip design!

This is because I have lots of free time on my hands now that its the winter break, so I'm able to exercise my artistic freedom a bit more, and fit more stuff(plot mostly) into each strip. I have also had time to digest those Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind novels and adopt some of their art styles('cos mine sucked). Improvement is a long and hard road ahead of me. I must admit, this strip looked great on paper, but seems to have lost something in the colouring. Next time I think I'll shade it normally.

What else is up? Hmm. I've been asked to see the Lord of the Rings next Wednesday, which will be undoubtedly cool. However, by that time, it will be difficult to review it because a few millioon people will have seen it before me. Oh well. At least I know the plot. If, however, the story has been ruined, I swear I will find someone important to hunt down and kill as the agent of Tolkein's revenge. With all the hype of this film, we had better not get another Episode I.

My stupid counter is acting up, and I'm not getting any respose from the counter operators. Bastards. I suppose I'll have to sign up for a new account, annoying though that will be.

Anything else? No. 'Fraid not. Liven up my boring life by making a post in the VaultKeepers Forum!

Today's featured song is Spiders, by Joydrop, a band I seem to have taken to after hearing them for the first time about 3 weeks ago. Another load of depressing goodness disguised as active music. This one is nastier though. Compares some guy's touch to the feel of spiders. Nasty. The songs good though.

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