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The Centre for Island Studies was established in 1989 on Clare Island. Its aims are to explore and promote the human and natural heritage of Clare Island as well of other Irish off-shore islands. It strives to make available to the general public the wealth of material which has been written and researched about Clare Island. In addition, links with other islands and with other heritage and environmental projects have been established which has widened the scope of the centre.

Through this webpage and its other activities, the Centre hopes to

  • Promote an interdisciplinary awareness of vital elements of Irish island heritage. Clare Island is unique among Irish islands in that it has been and is being extensively studied in a multidisciplinary context.The work of the monumental Clare Island Survey (1911-1913), conducted by R.L. Praeger, and now the New Survey of Clare Island (1989-2000) sponsored by the Royal Irish Academy, as well as other studies and research projects have resulted in a tremendous amount of scientific, historical, folkloric and sociological information concerning the island.


  • Make available information to both visitorsand islander alike, which up until now often appeared to be fragmented or unavailable.
    The Centre for Island Studies has been organizing Symposia, Clare Island Historical Safaris, and conducting independent research.  It has also been liasing with the Royal Irish Academy since 1989, and has co-sponsored and organized two European Heritage and Environmental Campuses on the island (1994, 1996).


  • The Centre for Island Studies produced five booklets about the island:Studying an Island;Rocks, Trees and Bogs on Clare Island; Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron-Age Man on Clare Island; Early Christian sites on Clare Island; and From Grace O'Malley to the Present day on Clare Island. These booklets have been updated and revised and will be produced as one publication early in 1999.

This homepage aims to make some of this material available as well as indicating where one can go to get further information. It also seeks to make contact with similar islomanes- those who find living on islands and visiting islands irresistible.


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