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New survey of Clare Island 1989 - 2000


New SurveyThe Royal Irish Academy, the original sponsors of the First Survey, long recognized the need for a follow-up study.
In 1989, with funding from the National Heritage Council, the "New" Survey of Clare Island was begun. To date, the geology, botany, soils, aspects of the marine biology, zoology, archaeology, folklore and folklife, placenames of the island have been studied.

Research students from Ireland and abroad have spent time on the island, investigating their field of expertise. Some of the new research has fuelled lively debates,as in the geology of the island. In other cases, notably the archaeology, the original work has been completely overturned.

The continued scientific interest in Clare Island through the New Survey has not only added to scientific knowledge in general but has provided to those of us observing 'science in action', valuable insights into the practice of scientific fieldwork.

The original Survey in conjunction with the current work provide the basis for much of the material in our booklet "Studying an Island"and what is offered here.


New Survey of Clare Island
Executive Committee

Professor M. Herity
President,Royal Irish Academy

Professor R. Kernan (Chairman)
Science Secretary, Royal Irish Academy

Dr. G. Doyle (Secretary)
Dean of Science,University College, Dublin

Dr. J. Graham
Department of Geology,Trinity College, Dublin

Professor M.D. Guiry
Department of Botany, University College, Galway

Mr. C. Mac Carthaigh
Natural History Museum, Dublin

Mr. C. Manning
Senior Archaelologist,office of Public Works

Dr. W.I. Montgomery
School of Biology and Biochemestry,
Queen's University College, Cork



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