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Record of best work for 2005

3 30x20 inch paintings
Ardmore signal tower, the town, Mine Head and Ballinacourty lighthouses
It is now on permanent display at:
The Library HQ, Lismore Civic Offices, Lismore, Co. Waterford
'Gathering Storm' # 7
'Wild Salmon' # 3
'Hag of Beara'
'The Way Home'
'After the Storm' # 8
'The Hidden Valley' # 2
'Gone Fishing' # 2
'The Hidden Valley'
'The Cork/Kerry Border'
'The Pocket'
'The River in Flood'
'Heading Out Dungarvan'
'After the Storm' # 6
'After the Storm' # 7
'The Pass'
'Waiting Out the Storm'
'Passing Storm'
'Barley Lake'
'After the Storm'
'Gathering Storm' # 6
'After the Storm' # 3
'Shelter from the Storm' # 3
'Shelter from the Storm'
'After the Storm'
'West Coast Fishermen'
'Gathering Storm'
'Gathering Storm' # 3
'The Way Home' # 3
The following I have done for friends

'Flying Poodles'

A fun painting I did for a friend's wedding

'After the Storm' # 12
'Tim and Margarets'
'The Red Boat'
The Red Boat passing Eyeries and Miskish
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