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Welcome to my archives

Paintings of mine you see here are by and large either waiting to be painted over or are ones that have been painted over, and what you see are oils that no longer exist. I am constantly trying to improve on what I paint. I find that oils that I do on top of old ones often come out looking stronger, as the old oil has dried and creates a base on which to work on; and there are bits, shapes and such that might creep in to the new oil and make it a bit more interesting.

Here you can see how my work has changed over the years by viewing the Early Work through to the present ones showing in the Landscape and Seascape sections. There is also my Erased section, where oils I have painted over can be viewed for old time's sake. You may also like to go for a guided tour of my studio and see interests me

I have an online show of work I painted end of October into November 2011 called Desperation. Click here to view

To view my latest oils please goto:

Thank you for coming here and I hope you enjoy your visit

John Eagle


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