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Gone but not forgotten
Paintings that I have either painted over or changed

old header

This header fine for a good while

old header

This was my art header on for about a week in May 2012. I painted over the one below to make it, but it just didn't seem to work well for me, the centre positioning of the houses, the lane meandering up the hill, just didn't sit well with me, so I painted the hill out non the right and added some houses and it became the 'Fishing Community' (note the skies in the one above and below are exactly the same)

old header

I used this header on my main art website for a couple of days as I felt it just didn't work for me. I also painted over it with the one of the houses

old header

The old header I had for this website. I changed it because I felt it had been up there long enough

Boat Repair

Boat Repair

I painted over this because I got frstrated with the area to the right of the boat. I added in a second boat, then a shed and then left it for a month. I hated the shed and thought about re-working it, but decided to paint over it and start afresh. I put on 'Heaven' an oil inspired by police women pretending to be whores

Autumn Evening

Autumn evening in Beara

Painted over this as it was getting a little dusty

After the Storm

I painted over it because I needed a canvas to do one of my redlight oils. It was in my Gallery 1 web page for a couple of months, no-one took an interest in it so I decided to paint over it. Under it lies the Glanmore painting below


I painted over this, with After the Storm, (above) because I wasn't happy with the middle section, the little hill, didn't feel right

Guiding Light

Guiding Light, it was guiding me nowhere but grief because it was not really me.

John Eagle Art

Forest Flowers

I painted over this November 2009 because I needed a canvas to do an oil based on visual experiences in the Gilman Canyon of New Mexico

'Valley of the Hound'
Looking across the turf bog to the houses in this remote Co. Kerry valley

35x24 inches

Turf cutting in the Kerry valley, thinking about the end of the day and a well earned rest, enjoying the view that is home
When I painted this I really liked it. A short while later I took it up to a gallery in Adare near Limerick and a lady there wanted to buy it straight away. Alas as the months went by it became obvious to me that she was not going to buy it. I brought the oil back home and hung it over my fireplace, where it stayed for awhile. Then it went into storage and a couple of months later I decided to paint over it with something new which can be seen by clicking here, under the same title. I zeroed in more on the centre left area of the valley. See the one below for an earlier version of this oil

'Valley of the Hound'
I changed the lower left, and also the shiny blue areas

Shelter from the Storm

'Shelter from the Storm'

I felt the back area of the valley needed more work done on it, which I did in January 2008, then in April 2008 I changed the colour of the hill on the right


The painting changed several times before it reached the above finish. It stayed like this for a couple of months before I added a spray of surf in the lower left. To see the changed oil click here

Glanmore, Co. Kerry
50x40 cm
I liked this, but felt it was a bit plain

Eagle's Nest #3
thought about this one for a long time before changing it.

After the Storm #9
This and the next are on the same canvas, as I worked the painting trying to get what I wanted

Kerry Coast
Those browns weren't exactly doing much to help

'Gone Fishing'
30x20 inches
I felt it was not strong enough

Cork/Kerry border
I changed it because I was not sure I liked all the brown, also the scape was much too massive for the Cork/Kerry border area. To see the finished oil which is now hanging in the States click here

'Killary Harbour'
30x24 inches
this one has become Shelter from the Storm' #4

Lake close to Ardgroom on the Beara Peninsula
30x20 inches
(This one has become 'Lambing in the Black Valley' I just was not happy with the above painting)

'Shelter from the Storm'
painted this last week of February 05, not really happy with the vertical lines so I changed it to a mountain scene see below

I moved the boat a bit more to the left as well as changing the cliffs to mountains, then in the first week of March I changed it again by replacing the sea and boat with land and winding road. See it now click here

'Moonlight on Clew Bay'
I changed the bottom quarter to a mountainscape and called it Gathering Storm #5

This one has had the feathery cloud removed, ie the one on the left and it ha two peaks in place of one, otherwise it remained the same. Its title is 'Land of the Dark Mountains' which is the name of a fantasy fiction novel I have been writing for the past 20 years. I then painted the one below..

It then became the one below

This was the final result, and lasted a short while before I felt it really wasn't what I wanted and I wiped the canvas completely. The changes one has to go through!

'Eagle Island'
20x24 inches
oil on canvas
In mid March I watched the island getting a pounding. Can't remember why I painted over it, but looking back I am glad I did

Dan Pat's place
24x20 inches
painted March 2004

An Sibin
Home made booze, illicit stil, poteen, hidden away in the mountains, no point asking for directions because if you don't know where it is no-one is going to tell you! I wiped it because it was too cartoon ish


I put a pier into the lower part

'Eagle's Nest'

I liked the way I did the wing cloud, but grew tired of it


I had tried to get the area on the left right, spent ages with it and finally lost my temper and wiped the whole canvas

'Cave of the Kings'
28x24 inches

I like to explore my fantasy fiction mind, this one had female warriors at the entrance to a cave. Toyed with it for awhile before changing it to Cumeengadhra on a frenetic Monday in 2004, took it to the Kenmare Art Gallery the next day still very much wet and it was purchased the next day. It now hangs in the USA. So if you now own my oil here is the history behind it.

'Slieve League'
oil on canvas
I was awe struck a couple of years ago when I flew to Rathlin O'Birne, flying beside the Slieve League in Co. Donegal

Bog Flowers

Painted June 2004.
Changed the horizon and added man, dog and sheep to the foreground now called 'Lambing'

'Heading Out' #4
28x20 inches
Painted August 2004

24x20 inches
Painted June 2004
This is a view across the harbour at Lauragh on the Beara Peninsula in Co. Kerry
I have repainted the lower half, getting rid of the swans. It is now called 'Outpouring'

'Reeks' #2
24x20 inches
Painted July 2004

Upper Lake, Killarney
20x16 inches
oil on canvas

Hidden Valley 4
dark depths

Forest Glow

Forest Glow

12x16 inches

Deep in the depths of the forest where not all the creatures are sleeping, there comes the after glow from the setting sun



I felt adrift in the Summer of 2006, needing something to hold to
painted over it November 2011, as its time to move on

Painted during the summer of 2006 when I sank to one of my lowest ebbs in a long time. I was looking for somewhere to hide. People were telling me my work wasn't changing much, I felt finished. I dragged myself out of the gloom by buying myself a Canon EOS 5D and going back to photography, to get myself away from painting. It is not easy being an artist, people tell me to toughen up like it is so straight forward to do so. The best advice I want to hear is NONE.

I am always changing my oils, working them until I am happy, that is the turmoil of my mind, seeing things differently and putting down what I feel like saying. The above are just a few of the oils I have changed. If money and space were not a problem I might have kept a few, but hey here they are to be seen forever

Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

32x8 inches

Deep within the forest, where the World begins, and the popping of boiling hot lava fills the air. Inspired by a trip to Lanzarote

painted September 2008

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