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Just in case you wanted to know what I like

Model making

Model making


Blade Runner

Without doubt my favourite all time film is Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. The lighting is absolutely stunning and richly deserved the BAFTA Award. A great pity it was so overlooked by the Academy. The film has stood the test of time, how many other movies of 1982 can you remember? Can you remember what movies won the Oscars in 1982? Looking at Blade Runner again in 2008 it hardly seems possible that the movie is 26 years old. As an artist I appreciate the work of Jordan Cronenweth, who lit the scenes in such a moody and deep fashion. The sets, so muddy, damp, lived in, walls and ceilings that cave in, and shining through this scrapyard are the neon lights, and of course the spinner police cars powering up above it all. (I would love one of those, imagine getting out of a traffic jam) As for the story itself, my feeling is it doesn't really matter whether Deckard was a replicant, maybe they all were, but the idea that you might discover one day that you are not what you thought you are is a fascinating subject. Imagine coming to the understanding that you are not 30 or 40, but only 3 years old and the product of some factory. Then there is the Vangelis music, so perfect, keeping the mood just right. I have the music on vinyl (alas not the Vangelis original) the PC computer game and of course the 5 dvd disk brief case collection that comes with story boards, spinner and unicorn.


The Beatles

I was always a Beatles fan. Not in the fanatical sense but they got me through the hellish years at boarding school. Rubber Soul would be one of my favourite albums with tracks like Nowhere Man, Drive My Car and If I Needed Somone. I read the Pattie Boyd autobiography recently 'Wonderful Today' and was saddened by what she said about the drug taking. Still, the music shines through and long may it long. Roll on the release of 'Let It Be' on dvd


I am a big fan of Lucinda Williams, more so her earlier stuff. My favourite album is Essence, which she did a couple of years ago. I also very much like her self titled 1988 album which has tracks like Crescent City, Change the Locks and the fabulous Big Red Sun. Please Lucinda, write more stuff like you used to, tracks like Louisiana Man, Six Blocks Away, Lake Charles, Passionate Kisses, Big Red Sun, you are truly gifted.

Lucinda Williams



I read a small amount each day. I would not class myself as an avid book reader, or for that matter reading magazines and newspapers. I usually get the Irish Times on a Saturday, mainly for the tv guide which points out lots of really interesting things to watch. I don't buy a newspaper on other days of the week simply because I don't really want to know about all the things that happen in the World each day, some of which are really depressing.

The books I read are fantasy fiction, female warriors mostly, my all time favourite is 'Golden Witchbreed' by Mary Gentle

golden witchbreed

I have also enjoyed 'A Winter's Tale' and 'Mists of Avalon'

I read Clive Cussler, pure escapism and while some moan that the endings are predictable because Pitt and his gang always win the day, I enjoy their adventures. I think I have read most of the Dirk Pitt novels and 'Inca Gold' is my favourite, I love that sequence through the underground caves.

clive cussler

My favourite tv show is without doubt Alias, especially now that I can watch it without those tedious ad breaks. Got off to a great start in Season One, then the fuse was lit in Season Two, like a fighter plane blasting off into the air and turning on the afterburner in the final two episodes. Dipped a little in Season Three, but came back strongly in Season Four and Five. The 5.1 sound didn't work too well on my copy of Season Three. There is something so nice and friendly about Jennifer Garner in this series. I also like Spooks, like Alias I have the complete collection on dvd.

I have to admit I like computer games, Far Cry, the first Call of Duty (loved the humour in it so sadly missing in the sequels) but my favourite is Tomb Raider by a long chalk. Anniversary is by far the best I have ever played, so much better to Legend. Love the complex puzzles, and the sets are so stunning to walk through. The only thing I don't like are the monsters, like the Centaurs which are impossibly difficult to get past. Underworld is the best of them all, the first one I have actually managed to play to the end. I believe it comes from the same stable as Rick Dangerous which I really enjoyed all those years ago and both are hugely inspired by the Indiana Jones movies of course..

tomb raider


Far Cry 2

I very much enjoy Far Cry 2, lots of side missions. People will laugh but it took me the best part of 4 months to find all the diamonds, all 221 of them. My task would have been quicker had I realised the significane of the number in the upper left corner of sections of the map each beside a little diamond. I found 220 of the diamonds before realising what the number was for. Even then it wasn't that easy to find the last one, because the in game map hid some of the blue dots under the signs for safe houses and such. Anyway, whilst I was close to cheating to find the last one, I am pleased to say I found it on my own



I like to play and watch snooker. I missed out on ten years of the sport because I was unable to receive BBC on my tv, which robbed me of the career of Stephen Hendry and the rising Ronnie O'Sullivan. Steve Davis and Ken Doherty came to Castletownbere end of February to do an exhibition match which was great fun.

Steve Davis and Ken Doherty with some local lads from Beara who played them

Steve Davis lining up a trick shot

I got the number 1 ticket for the event

Myself with Steve and Ken

Motor racing

The late great Ronnie Peterson heading down Hangar Straight at Silverstone in his JPS Lotus 78. He would have been World Champion had he not obeyed team orders, easily the faster of the two drivers in 1978. Who will ever forget the way he kept everyone else at bay whilst 'pushing' Mario Andretti along. Don't get me wrong, I was a fan of Mario also, I just felt Ronnie was the better driver. Every time he was allowed to win a race he won by miles. I worked for awhile at Hethel in Norfolk where they made the Lotus cars, the week before a race we would watch the F1 cars being tested on the track behind the factory

Ronnie walking from the Lotus camper to his car, Daily Express Trophy race '78, back in the days of ground effects F1 cars. I gave up watching F1 after Ronnie got killed. It was a long while before I went back to watching. When Team Lotus stopped racing it was a sad day. These days I watch from time to time, but I have no favourite team anymore

The 6 Wheel Tyrell

lotus 78

The fabulous Lotus 78


The Canon Porsche 956, or is it? Er no. This is actually a life size model of the real thing


I like to get up in the hills with the dogs and feel the freedom of the open spaces. Girlfriends in the past have tried to tow me into the towns, for shopping, pubs and other tedious pursuits, but I have always managed to get my way in the end.

My collies Quisha and Shara high up on the Cork/Kerry border, miles from civilisation


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