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Landscape Oils, back catalogue

'After the Storm'


The river would often swell up after a heavy storm, we would take shelter and head home when the clouds lifted.

'Valley of the Hound'


Always wild, but the colours in the surrounding mountains made this place so special

'After the Storm'

20x9 inches

When the colours of Winter slowly turn green for Spring

'First Light'

28x20 inches

Returning home after spending the night in town, looks like someone has got up early and stoked the range, questions of me might be asked

'The Pocket'

16x12 inches

Up here only the sounds of the waterfall and sheep. I feel like the king of all I see, on top of the World


'Gathering Storm' # 4

20x16 inches

Feels thundery, look how moody the sky's become, ah we'll survive it no bother

American colours

'American Colours'

35x24 inches

Inspired by a visit to the Gilman Canyon in New Mexico and a few days in Vermont in October. I was struck by the red bands of rock in the mountains of New Mexico, and the awesome change of colours in New Hampshire and Vermont


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