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'Passing Storm'

30x20 inches

You knew it wouldn't last, and soon you'd be out fishing again. So you walked along the shore looking for a break in the sky, and wondering why the storm clouds looked like mountains above the real ones.

'Waiting out the Storm' # 5

30x20 inches

We had the boat lifted early that year, tarred the hull and painted inside. Now we waited for the March storms to calm a bit so we could go out and try our luck


Ballydonegan Bay

'Ballydonegan Bay'

24x20 inches

Waiting out the Storm

'Waiting out the Storm'

28x20 inches

'Waiting out the Storm' # 3

35x12 inches

'Almost Home' # 2

36x12 inches

Sold to Irish South West who presented it to Mary Coughlan TD



28x20 inches


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