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1939USA.GIF (20890 bytes)Joint Issues
Perhaps Ireland's greatest influence abroad can be seen in the American Continent and this is reflected in our stamps. Many stamps have been issues over the years to mark the very strong historical and cultural links between the two lands on each side of  the Atlantic. The 150th anniversary of the American Constitution was commemorated in 1939 by the issue of a special stamp. In 1976 the bicentenary of the American Declaration of Independence , which had
several Irish signatories ,inspired a four value issue. The four stamps together were issued as Ireland's second miniature sheet. The following is a list of joint issues between an Post and other National Postal Agencies.

Click on the name to learn more about each issue.
James Hoban   (Architect) 1981
Ireland / USA
John McCormack(Tenor)  1984
Ireland / USA
Irish Franconian Apostles 1989
Ireland / Germany
Discoveries -- Europa 1994 Ireland / Faroe Islands/
The Battle of Fontenoy 1995
Ireland / Belgium
150th St. Patrick's Battalion 1997 Ireland / Mexico