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Electoral Registers Republic of Ireland
Electoral Registers are a way of finding people aged over 21 (over 18 in recent years). Their advantage over street directories like Thoms is that they record all people of voting age in a house, whereas Thoms only record the head of household or occupier.
Unlike the U. K., electoral records in Republic of Ireland have never been added year on year into a searchable database on a nationwide basis. All counties have their internal databases now but this information is not available to the public, unless you want to check for your own registration.
Registers are held at County Council offices in each county. Old records have to be viewed there by appointment and my experience is that what they hold is generally unknown and quickly becomes patchy as you go further back..
National Archives hold some of registers from the late 1890's for areas in Dublin city & suburbs. They hold registers for nearly all counties for some years from mid 1930s up to around 1960. National Library hold copies of county registers from mid 1930s up to date. Again what they have in quantity and overall county coverage is very much the same as in National Archives, a snapshot view of maybe one year in five. Dublin City library (DCL) hold registers for Dublin city and suburbs from the 1930s up to date. DCL have put records from circa 1935 to 1963 on searchable computer database, a very useful resource for Dublin city genealogy.
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