Short Life of
Saint Charles
Continued ...

Saint Charles never saw Holland again. In February 1852, he was sent to England. Here Fr. Charles first came in contact with the Irish who were emigrating to England in the wake of the Famine. He was transferred to Ireland and on July 9th, 1857, he arrived in the newly-founded monastery of Mount Argus, in Harold's Cross, Dublin. Dublin had a population of less than a quarter of a million - many of whom were British soldiers. It was not a saintly place, with many official brothels, licensed public houses and shebeens. Murders were common and moral standards questionable. Religious knowledge was hopeless.

Charles was not a good preacher. He never really mastered the language. But it was in the Confessional and in comforting the sick that he excelled. He was fond of the Irish. He called them "my people". He respected their struggle against oppression, he admired the way the Faith was preserved. But he wasn't blind to their faults. He soon became extraordinarily popular not only in Dublin but all over Ireland and collected money throughout the length and breadth of the country to pay for the new monastery of Mount Argus.

It was his gift of healing the sick which is most clearly remembered. As many as three hundred people a day came to be blessed by him. Fr. Sebastian Keens told of a boy of 12 years old who lost the use of his leg and was brought to him. With no delay he called Fr. Charles and shortly afterwards found the boy walking up and down in front of the house completely cured.

His fame spread and trouble came. Some medical doctors claimed, a claim which later they withdrew, that he discouraged people from going to the doctor. Then others took Holy Water blessed by Fr. Charles and began to sell it throughout Ireland. This was not Fr. Charles fault but he was transferred to England in 1866 and remained there for eight years.

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Favours from Saint Charles during his life.

Favour through his intercession after his death.