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Well to start with,

  • Irish and proud of it!  and, male,  age: - . . .  well err . . .  old enough to be doing this!!    Since the age of 10, my animal magnetism has been switched to "repel"

  • Living and working in Dublin, Ireland (lucky me!) and enjoying exploring the background of those who talk like a proper Dub. Occupation: I wish I didn't have to have one - If you know what I mean I am however open to any reasonable offer of a job that includes 6 months paid holidays twice a year! (I've been waiting some time for this one).   Last of the sad romantics.

  • Life-Partner & Best Friend:  My dear wife!

  • I used to drive a 1986 red Toyota car that was slowly turning pink! (That colour changing feature may have made it easier to sell!) I changed the car recently for a 'silver' Mazda 323F that is really grey.  When I mention that I drive a car, I should be more honest and that and say that I shuffle my car along in the ever growing grid-lock that is Dublin. Occasionally, I get a fearless bout of insanity that persuades me to abandon the red (pink)) box on four wheels in favour of a set of (blue), steel tubes on two wheels but after a while it is me that then turns black from the dirty air, or blue from bruises after encountering trucks and busses.   (Has any scientist discovered how it is that when a human gets on a bicycle, there is a high probability of becoming suddenly invisible to other road users, despite being decked out in day-glow yellow and reflective strips?)

  • Interests / Hobbies: Sport - I freely admit to being addicted to Tennis.   Thankfully I am not under any pressure to volunteer for treatment.   I have however been known to occasionally look through support newsgroups to see if there is one yet for the similarly afflicted!
    Planning is another interest for reasons obvious for those who know me!

  • Hillwalking is another interest, provided it is for enjoyment rather than an athletic exercise (see my hillwalking theory below)
    Go straight to the theory

  • Humour - it's what keeps me sane!

  • Rants!  -  This internet stuff can give you a chance to let some steam off!   You should try it!

  • Art - Some say there is an artist in everyone.   Well in me it is very well hidden indeed.   I do enjoy however Woodcarving, Wood-turning, and Pottery . . very therapeutic indeed.    I've produced quite a selection of 'unique' creations that have a common theme of not looking like anything like what I set out to make!  That's about it for art, I still prefer to create something myself, rather than going round looking at other people's and wondering how they have the courage to look for so much money for it!

  • Cinema - mostly the popular stuff! (Michael Collins was a great film in 1996, see it! -  - well done Neil Jordan.   For 1997 I just wondered how 'The English Patient managed to get all those Oscars!  My favourite film in 1997? - MIB - Men in Black of course!  In 1998 - Mars Attacks?  1999 was not a good year - perhaps LA Confidential which I saw in '99  In Y2K so far, I've enjoyed American Beauty (Kevin Spacey's Oscar was well deserved) and Sixth Sense - nice twist.  As for Irish films, 'About Adam' and 'When Brendan met Trudy' are well worth a look, my favourite for 2006 - 'The wind that shakes the barley', and if the Oscars were really fair . . . well . . .
    I also enjoy the occasional 'Art-House' film or films which extend cinematic techniques.    In the end however I think that there is nothing better than a film that makes you laugh or feel good!

  • Music - I have quite a broad interest - see the music links section.   If you can, try and get to listen to the digital Natural Sound recordings with music on CD from Dan Gibson.     Take a look, (and if you have RealAudio) listen to a selection to be found at the web site.    The Solitudes Site   (You may have problems though with the RealAudio, I certainly did - you've been warned!)  I find this stuff is really impressive.  Its not available everywhere, especially in Ireland, but worth the effort if you get a chance. You'd think you were actually out there in the wilderness, or by the seashore.   Solititudes Ltd seem to be OK as a mail order supplier.  I had no problems.  Really neat.  Say I sent you!

  • A new interest is Genealogy as I've started to do some work, researching the family tree.   There's a Genealogy page here on my investigations into my family tree.  Progress is remarkably slow.   So far I have identified 4 out of 8 great grand-parents, and uncovered rumours of two elopements (romantic isn't it!)

  • In some cultures what I do would be considered normal.   There are however a number of things that always test my sanity

This has been such fun, I don't know if I'll ever want to finally complete The O'Byrne Files © !

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Last updated : Saturday, 16 December 2006

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