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This page is dedicated to my belief that the world would be a much better place if we could all see and appreciate the lighter side of life, and the way it reflects reality.
You don't stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.  Be careful though, if you try analyzing my humour, it  is like analyzing a frog: you can do it, but the frog tends to die in the process.

What follows is stuff that helps me understand what is really going on, and of course, makes me laugh!   If you know what makes me laugh, then you know me better!   
You have of course to read the
Disclaimer first

Neil's universal laws
First I should share with you what I've learned from life, - my rules for getting along!
Neil's Laws on everything!

and after that there are
Neil's observations on life


A sparrow looking for a cow patt?Need some cheering up?
Here's a storey we can all learn learn from
If you are unhappy!

Truth is stranger than fiction
Perhaps the Real newspaper headlines ! really explain it all

If men ruled the world, there would by just
 20 Rules for women!

So you want children?
Advice, particularly for those
thinking of having

- Children !

. . . . and it would be easier to select an outfit!

Dumb men ?  A collection 
'Dumb Men' jokes

For the women - What men are really like!

Irish Space Agency Announcement
Irish Space Agency Makes cut-backs

Good advice is hard to come by!  
Sometimes you just cannot get enough really good advice, you know, . . when you have a problem.     
So here is some 
Advice !

and here there's my TV Satire collection

If this dictionary can't help, how about finding out the difference between Love, Lust and Marriage

More about 
men & women

Let's talk!
Problems with the opposite sex  ?
Like most I know, many problems I encountered with dating seemed to come about . . because I really did not know what things really mean. - - If only I had a
Dating Dictionary!

How to get along at Work!
understand what the job is!

A Dictionary for women

Then there is the way people  
Hunt Elephants  - it can tell you a lot! 
or the
Bovine guide to Ideology

Work is getting you down? Do you need
An application 'form' for an Illness?

It's only for fun!

Advice for men ?      
Here I'll to pass on wisdom to my fellow men
Things MEN should know about

Tips on Advertising

and if men were
Agony Aunts  
where would we be?

Its great to be a man these days
111 reasons why it's great to be male

Here are some 
'new' words

and here some more 
of my wisdom on

Neil's observations on SEX

Men, Women, Cars, and Sex
Men just do not understand women. 
If only they were as simple as a motorcar! 
Cars v Women !

The Complete Planning Humour Collection

What are the
Planning implications of the creation of Earth
 or the existence of Hell?

The Planning Profession revealed!

What exactly is a Planner'?  There are Two opinions
the true nature of the profession revealed here

When you do not get planning permission for your modest extension you probably don't expect there is any 'Humour in Planning', but there is . . .

Planners in one corner -
 The Administrators are in the other!

This often leads to
Planner Harassment

To begin I've some Planner Jokes
then there is the Jargon explained
followed by Planning Explained to the Uninitiated
a guide on how to Identify a Planner
For Planners there's my Guidelines for successful planners,
or The Planners' career structure 
all of which explains the difference between what the
Planners say and what they mean and what others understand!
making the universal Complaints form very useful

Then there's what the planners are up to:-
The Plan  
Any wonder that the Irish 'Planning' Tribunals will go on forever?

Engineering unravelled
I have come to admire one universal quality in engineers, their ability to come up with an impressive sounding excuse to explain absolutely everything!
Engineer speak!

Are you short of words?
Oh Fuck it! This can happen sometimes

Is chocolate better than sex?
I've been told that quite alot of people like chocolate.    Could there be a reason? 
Could chocolate be better than Sex?

Enough sex -  now some quotes - my collection of   Amusing Quotes

A collection of fun in one place?

My non-Irish Joke Collection -
so far, mostly lightbulbs..


Are you PC - that is
Politically Correct?

The links bit

Do you 
Waste time @ Work

Have a look at
Irish Jokes An Aternative Web Site

The Blather 
can be a bit of fun

kissy kissy
but this is fun!

if you like, there are Elite Jokes at the Web Egg!

After all this,
I'm tired!  

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes ...even more someday!
Some Irish jokes

If you appreciate the lighter side of life too, and know where to find more evidence of it, please 
let me know!

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I have provided a facility for
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Laughter Impact Simulator

I'm a little bit amused
A really good laugh!
Awesome, I've hurt myself laughing

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