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Our Environment
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Although the environment deserves a page, I'll restrain myself.  You only have to mention Greenpeace to get me going.   
Have a look at the pictures of one of the Greenpeace ships I once had the privilege to sail on! (MV Sirius).

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Do also visit the
Greenpeace homepage on the net, - have a look.   See if there are Irish contributions, and then, maybe seriously consider giving your support or even joining up!   Greenpeace
For your convenience you can contact Greenpeace here, - say I sent you.  They really need all the support they can get right now!

Have you ever thought of leaving a donation to Greenpeace in your will ?  After all you can't take it with you, and you could be grateful if you came back in the next life as a whale!
Apart from the Greenpeace stuff, I'm interested in and sometimes worried about what I see or hear going on around me.   All I would say is if you feel the same, then don't wait around,   DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!   
Think Globally, Act Locally
Think globally, act locally

A profound statement on the Environment

CommonsenseIt is difficult to properly express concern for the environment, but I don't have to. It's been done already.  Have a look at what Chief Seattle had to say over a hundred years ago!
Chief Seattle Speaks - Perhaps the most profound Statement on the Environment - ever!

an interesting moral tale

Here is another interesting bit - a poem I think. I don't know where exactly it comes from.  
Perhaps if someone recognises it they can let me know. 
Read it . . ., think about it . . ., then be careful!   
The ambulance may not always be in working order!
The Ambulance Down in the Valley

Peace, good housekeeping and commonsense

other environments

There are loads of environmental places to go look at;
Starting with my friends at Friends of theEarth
For a bit of the wild panda, there is World Wildlife Fund for Nature
Otherwise there is the Nature Conservancy people
How's this for a good idea, the people in Cambridge can find out about their air quality on line - maybe we'd prefer not to know how bad it is!

Here I hope soon to have link to and environmental circle or two.  I might even start one if there's interest!

environmental circle

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Who speaks for Earth?

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