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What follows is a collection of material that I've found helps me understand computers, the internet what is really going on.  If it did not make you laugh, you'd cry!
To start off, did you know that . . .
If the motor car had followed the same development curve as the PC, a Rolls-Royce would today cost 100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a week - killing everyone inside.
The workplace of the tomorrow will have two employees: a man and a dog.  The man will be there to feed the dog  The dog is there to keep the man from touching the computers - what a future!.
Software has its own life-cycle - that explains everything! What sex is your computer?
Yes computers have gender - look here!
Global communications?
Is your computer Y2K compliant?

And if
 Microsoft built cars!

"A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in like a computer".

The real dope is here
More essential information
All you need to know about computers!

Most of us know what we like in beer or which airlines to travel with, but if
Operating Systems were like beer or airlines .

Getting about on the internet!
You can get lost on the internet!  
Here's a bit of what you need to know to get around
Getting about on the internet!

Is your computer Possessed by an evil spirit?  HELP!

Heavy stuff
Pssst!  Interested in some Sexy Computer Short Stories?

Lets hope 
Restaurants never operate like Microsoft

Got the hang of the Internet yet ?
Here are the Maxims for the internet age!
Is God a programmer?
Ever wanted to know who you are or what you are doing here? Everyone tries to grapple with these dilemmas from time to time. Perhaps if you were to look into the soul of your computer you might find an answer!
If god were a Computer Programmer . . .
The King, the Toaster, and the Computer Consultant

Announcing a technological breakthrough in information disemination! - The BOOK

And there is the meaning of simple words 
Before computers!

If you appreciate the lighter side
of life too, and know where to
find more evidence of it,
please let me know!

Can computers think?

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Updated: Thursday March 25, 2004