The Palmar de Troya Support mission is to provide support and information to those touched or adversely affected by the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, a schismatic catholic group based in Palmar de Troya, Spain. We hope all past and present members, families and friends of current and ex members or indeed anyone who can further the quest for truth, understanding, resolution and healing will join in our endeavor. For more information see About Us
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Dialogue Ireland offers guidance and support to people who perceive themselves or a family member as being victims of "cultist" activity .

Dialogue Ireland is not an "anti-cult" organization, nor do they attach a "cult" label to any movement or group. They acknowledge that those “cultist” tendencies, i.e., psychological and spiritual abuses, can creep into any organisation, including movements associated with our own churches. Calls are recieved from people who turn to Dialogue Ireland for guidance and support. Such situations can be unbelievably painful for the people involved.

Full text of Dialogue Ireland Introduction.


Safe Passage Foundation - Basic Human Rights for Children
Around the world there are communities and groups that choose to withdraw and work outside the structure established by society. Children raised in these communities or groups may sometimes be denied basic human rights that we take for granted. Safe Passage Foundation provides advocacy and support for children raised in such environments.

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