The Palmar de Troya Support mission is to provide support and information to those touched or adversely affected by the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, a schismatic catholic group based in Palmar de Troya, Spain. We hope all past and present members, families and friends of current and ex members or indeed anyone who can further the quest for truth, understanding, resolution and healing will join in our endeavor. For more information see About Us
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We anticipate that personal testimonies from ex palmarians, family members and friends of present members of the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face will provide great depth in evaluating the Palmar schism.

What are your experiences ? please email them to us for inclusion on this page.

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We have used some content from The Factnet Site. If your contributions appear here and if you do not wish it to be included please forward an email and we will remove from this page.



Testimonies received

Anon (name supplied) 27.03.06

I was a member of The Palmarian Church from birth until I left of my own accord at the age of sixteen when I came to realize the teachings of this Church to be fundamentally flawed.
The aftermath of my departure had a profound effect on me as I tried to come to terms with the fact that everything I was brought up to believe was a fabrication, a lie. This led to several years of heavy drug use and alcohol consumption, during which time the many unanswered questions were never far from my mind... Full unedited text

Phillippa 20.01.06

I was introduced to the Palmarian faith by a workmate in the office in 1986. I was 27 yrs old and had completed university 2 years before in Africa. I was a very regular church-goer-I went to the local Roman Catholic basilica even lunchtime... Full unedited text

Examples of personal experiences taken from The Factnet Site

Mary - Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2004 - 5:23 am
I was raised in this church also, and made the decision to leave a few years ago.
I am still living at home with me parents and siblings who are still heavily involved in it.
My brother who has left home is still a member of the palmarian church, and he cannot talk to me ever again, even if he calls to the house.
It has been made clear to me that "non catholics are not welcome in a catholic home" and that I need to leave soon.
My parents are adament that when I do leave they will have no contact with me ever again " as it is gods will".
they believe that people who choose to leave have been "guided by the ways of satan and should have no part in a palmarians life".
Its hard to come to terms with alright, things at home have become unbearable, and im just saving up the money to get out.

Lollypop - Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - 9:26 am:
I have a Best Friend in this religion. I haven't talked to her since just after the new year because she totally changed after all the new rules came in. I did try and I was there for her but she didn't really listen or care about me anymore. Just before Christmas I was told I wouldn't be able to talk to her if my boyfriend and I bought a house out of wedlock and that I had to dress like palmar to see her . I rang her on her birthday 2 weeks ago to wish her a good day and told her I missed her. The next day she text me and another girl (who is also friends with her) to say she was breaking all contact with us as she is in the True Catholic Palmarian Church Governed By the True pope Peter II. Ever since just before Christmas last year nothing has been the same with us. I was very upset then and I kinda knew this rule would come out eventually cos they just keep making up new ones every day, but when she sent the message about not being able to talk to us anymore I was more angry than anything. I helped her through so much when her brother left the religion and when her sister was kicked out and then taken back 3 days later. She was so upset then and now this is how she pays me back. I wasn't sure if she just broke contact with us of her own free will or if it was a rule but now thanks to "Hope" I know it was a rule. Sorry to blabber on I just had to get it off my chest. I hope that everyone else affected by this religion (CULT) is getting on now in the real world and I will pray for all of you that things will get better for you. I can only imagine how hard it was for all of you that left and that it is probably the biggest step you will ever have to take.

Hope - Posted on Friday, May 27, 2005 - 5:01 am:
My grandad is not palmarian, my granny is. My dad entered their house recently and without the permission of my grandad, he "tipexed" over any photos on the wall that had any of the family not dressed palmarianly. An aunty of mine has just given an ultimatum to her husband (who was palmarian between 1980-1985) that she will abandon him and the home if he and the first four kids (now near 20 years of age) dont dress palmarianly. Just like that, and that she will go to Spain (theres nothing out there in that desert save the palmarian basilica) leaving everything. The missionary priest is urging her on to be firm. That is just the tip of the iceberg as how palmar affects my own clan.

Outcast - Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2005 - 3:11 pm:
Everything seems to have gone quiet in Palmar at the moment, unless any of you know any different? I have previously posted on this forum about my Mother and mentally handicapped Brother. With the relatively new rule about no TV, my Mother has obeyed and banished the television from the house. My Brother is desperately missing this pastime and now just sits at home in the evenings depressed and sometimes crying. This is mental cruelty in the extreme, as he does not understand why he is forbidden to view his favourite programmes. It will be his birthday soon and I overheard him ask my Mother, if he could have a television as a present. I am sure you all know the answer. It breaks my heart to see him tortured in this way.

Amelia26 - Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2005 - 5:27 pm
There has been no good memories of the faith, justbad. i am 23 and have been out of the faith since i was abouth 11. i come from alarge familiy and none of them are palmars except my father. he is a very devout parmar to probably they hope my father stays with it because my father is the one i think that gives the most money of his to spain. also father isadore was the priest my dad had come to the church in wisconsin. so i doubt my dad will ever leave because he is brainwashes so badly. he trys to tell me that i will always be a palmar because i was baptised one and raised one but i tell him no because i no longer believe. when my father told me this i told him that he was baptised roman catholic and raised roman catholic , whic he was until some time in his 30's, when i told him that he had no answer. when i used to talk to my father it was never any progress because he had somekind of stupid comment. Everyone since 3 years when all the rules became very strict. he stopped seeing my mother and every since that happened my mother has taken a downfall. her house is a wreck, no more seeing my dad made her loose her mind worse than it was before. my dad just recently stopped talking to me because my boyfriend who is not palmar and never was i stay there sometimes he said he dont no what were doing so cant have no contact anymore physically but i am glad that he pts out my sins but does he realize the sins that he is committing. he used to could associate with me until this happened because i lived at home at the time they changed the rule about association with family. i am not sure, still dont quite understand all of it i just know that this cult would just be put to an end soon because i dont know how much crazier things they are going to come up with for all i know they might make everyone kill themselves. i just hope they dont keep my father over there in spain because of the death, which could possible happen. i wish someone could just do something about the cult because it has caused so much pain and loneliness between families none of us can take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!


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