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The Palmarian Church

This page and the series of pages associated with it will become fairly comprehensive and will take time to piece together. Check back regularly for updates.

History of the Palmarian Church - an overview

Palmarian Church Part 1
Palmarian Church Part 2

and Pope Gregory XVII


Soon we hope to provide information concerning the events surrounding the expulsion of those associated with the Archidona Group. The OCHF were vocal and detailed in their condemnation of the group in what turned out to be one of the biggest events in the short history of the Palmarian Church, but what is the version of events from the Archidona point of view ?

The Ordinations of Ngo Dinh Thuc Pierre Martin

Another topic for analysis will be the ordinations of Ngo Dinh Thuc Pierre Martin. A contentious argument exists for both the valid and invalid views. What are your views ? Let us know and we will publish your comments here . talks of the Thuc / Palmar de troya ordinations and further Thuc ordinations, it states as follows :

Soon after the questionable ordinations, Bishop Ngo-Dinh-Thuc renounced his actions and published a letter saying that the "orders" he had conferred were null and void because he had withheld all intention of conveying orders to the Palmar de Troya sect. Given his past performances, there is no reason to believe that his present fiasco is any more credible.

If anyone has further information on this letter please contact us

Thuc_Consecrations has some background information, we do not claim the information presented as complete and it may contain inaccuracies, but is presented to stimulate discussion and your feedback.

email your comments and any further relevant links to

Private Revelations

The Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, their beliefs and doctrines are based on private revelations from Clemente as seer and as Pope Gregory XVII.

How does the Roman Catholic Church view private revelations. We hope to expand this topic. To commence a perspective is given at :

This article also discusses Medjugorje. Part 1 concerning private revelation is available as a pdf
private revelation


Infallible Doctrine

The Palmarian Church produced a series of documents named "Treatise on The Mass" and declared them infallible doctine.They contain statements concerning future events where Pope Gregory XVII is specifically named. Here are a small sample.

From Treatise on The Mass 5

View the following pages as PDF's

72, 74, 75, 76, 90

21. But the Russian sway will not last for long, for as the communist forces make to enter Spain to place her beneath their yoke, they will come up against the irresistible strength of the army of the Lord, captained by the Virgin Mary by means of the Great Leader of the Tagus, Gregory XVII who, brandishing his noble and invincible sword, will hurl himself with all strength into the reconquest of every territory seized by the invader, passing from triumph to triumph right into the heart of imperial Russia, there to plant the glorious standard of victory, the Sacred Face of Jesus, in the very centre of Moscow. His sword will not rest until he has formed the Holy and Great Palmarian- Hispanic Empire, whose enormous territory will include nations from every continent.

25. Before this second apostasy shows itself openly, the Great Pope Gregory XVII will transfer the See of the Church and of the Empire to Jerusalem accompanied by those princes who shall have remained faithful, and will carry out the evangelization of the Jewish People with the help of Elias and Enoch, who will come to the earth to assist the Pope in this most high mission

28...The Great Pontiff Gregory XVII, assisted by the Prophets Elias and Enoch, and by the Princes of the Church, will preach penance tirelessly, calling on men to become converted. Many Jews will obtain conversion through this apostolate, although the great bulk will continue as militant henchmen of Antichrist until the moment arrives for their conversion in mass...

31. Again Pope Gregory XVII, accompanied by Elias and Enoch and the Princes of his Church, will war against Antichrist, undertaking the great and decisive struggle, preaching penance with greater intensity, unmasking the Man of Iniquity...

32...The Empire of `De Gloria Olivae', which will be called the `Judeo-Hispano-Palmarian Empire' after the conversion of the Jewish People, will last for a while until the Second Coming of Christ.

From Treatise on The Mass 6

23...Ch. XLII, verse 11 enlarges with details of how the Palmarian Church will leave the desert for the conquest of a great Empire for Christ: "Let the desert arise ..." for the great Leader of the Tagus, Gregory XVII, with the irresistible strength of God will engage in holy war in order to extend the Reign of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary to the very ends of the earth:

Palmarian Documents

The Palmarian Church has been a prolific producer of documents, sermons, and various literature during its lifetime. In time it is hoped this site will provide access to as much of this literature as possible.
The following is a sample document demonstrating the general style and language of the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face. This document is a copy of the "Easter Calling 2005".

Easter Calling 2005

Peter II Second Apostolic Letter


The Rules of the Palmarian Church

The OCFH has introduced many rules governing the social, marital, devotional behaviour of it followers. Over the years there has been a gradual modification of existing rules tending to make them stricter. New rules have tended to become more extreme.
We will be attempting to draw up a list of the rules in a chronological order.

We invite people to mail us the list as they recall it in a chronological order whenever possible. A comparison between submissions will be made to then draw up an accurate a list as possible. This list will be then published here.

The list of Palmarian Rules submitted to date

Please submit to : click here for email link

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