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Archive - 30/11/2001 - A Simple Plan


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Ah, back to normal again!

My new comic layout is, in fact, proving easier and faster to draw strips with, so I sholdnt have too much trouble keeping up. Hopefully, anyway.

Winter break is coming up soon. Just a few minor hurdles to overcome, and then I'll be free for about a month! yay! Undoubtedly I'll get really bored, but hey, its a reason to continue through the autumn semester exams, at least.

Our Sci-Fi and fantasy society had a Kevin Smith week this week, supposed to culminate in the Irish release of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. I had only seen one of his films before, Dogma, so it was mostly new to me. Anyway, its was great. Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma, in that order, starting on Monday night. Schnoogens.

Today's featured song is Beautiful, from Joydrop, a band I dont know anything about. I heard it on Heavy Radio, from Nice song, bitter lyrics, pleasant rythm. Harder chorus, with some vocoder work. Overall, like a more depressing Garbage. Just my type of thing.

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